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Can anyone help - Almost too late for dog

There is a beautiful dog in Kansas City named Leena. ?She has been in the shelter for too long and time is running out. ?My DH won't let us foster right now with a crawling baby otherwise I would go take her myself.

She was affected by a cause that is very close to my heart. ?Her collar had grown into her neck due to neglect. ?The people at the shelter fixed her neck and promised her they would find a home for a new start. ?Now that promise will not be met unless someone buys her time.

I'm in Kansas City. ?If you or someone you know can help Leena I would be eternally grateful. ?Another dog has captured my heart and I just can't bear to see her lose her life after putting up such a good fight.


Re: Can anyone help - Almost too late for dog

  • My fiance and I were talking about her last night, after you alerted her to us before... we've tried to put the word out to people in the area that we know, but nothing seems to be coming of it. ?I want to take her so badly, but I know that a life where she has to hide from the landlord is no sort of life.

    Please keep us updated on her situation. ?

    Thanks. :)?

  • I just emailed the shelter to see if they would let us foster her.  We aren't ready to adopt another dog right now, but if they would agree to keep her Petfinder info up and not make us pay the adoption fee, we can provide food, etc. for her and foster her.  I also emailed DH about it, since we have talked about fostering but never actually made a solid decision. Hopefully he says yes and it all works out.  Do you have connections at this shelter where we could make it happen?  let me know.  My email is robyndozier at sbcglobal dot net.  Thanks!
  • I am emailing you right now!
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