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I have a very stoopid question

Most likely.

It would be interesting to see a guy try to treat it with a suppository though.
lol sorry that was bad.

Re: I have a very stoopid question

  • yeah, unless they smear on some vagisil or something... eewww.
  • google says - they may take regular medications  just as a women would
  • I've got a funny story about this.

    When I was 21 and dating a boyfriend, I got my first YI. Had no clue what it was until I went to the dr, and she gave a prescription, etc. Didn't exactly realize that sex should stop until I was better, and big surprise, the bf got some weird spots on his weener.
    We went to his dr and he asked if I had a YI, and if I was using any cream for it. I said I was, and he told us to "keep on doing what we're doing," since he gets the treatment too.
    Kinda gross now, but it was funny as hell at the time.

    Also funny: when the dr came into the exam room, he made sure to tell us that the British have a dessert called "spotted d*ick."
  • hmm, that should be spotted d*ck.
  • I gave my husband a yeast infection once (or he gave it to me, but we both had one), and he used a cream for athlete's foot/jock itch and it cleared up within a day or two.
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