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pin up calendar

Hey guys,
I was thinking of making a calendar for my husband's birthday.  Each month would be a different picture of myself.  I would get my hair and make up done and just have a photo shoot.  Has anybody done this before? any ideas or tips on how I can do it?

Re: pin up calendar

  • :o) I did it for my boyfriend in highschool...  Tried to follow a theme for each month...  valentine's day in feb, st. patty's day in march, etc.  Since we (a friend and I) were just in HS, it was pretty low budget.  Digital camera and a color printer.
  • I just did a 1940's pinup photoshoot for my BF. If you're going for that look I suggest lots of curls, red lips, and high waisted bottoms if you want a more casual look or the whole kinda vintage lingerie look if you want it to be sexier. HTH
  • Justducky-you didnt add that you have pics in your bio! =)

    Which BTW, I forgot to say in your post about that that you looked so pretty! 

  • Yes! My sister is a photographer and is making a pin-up calendar for 'the troops'. You can check her out on myspace. Her name is willphotographforfood and the album is Ahhh...good girls. It may help you out with some ones too. She's just starting up her business. She doesn't have a website yet, but this is how she keeps in contact with her clients. Or if you are close enough, she'll photograph for you. She's very inexpensive. Refer to her blog 'Tara One, Tara Two' on her myspace page. But, if you don't want her...all you need is linen, lingerie, a camera, printer and paper! If this doesn't help like you want respond back and I can help you more. I've helped some with her shoots.
  • Ducky, your pictures really look great.  Did you DIY or did you have a pro makeup/photog?  This thread has inspired me, I'm suggesting to my BFF that we both do this, taking turns being model and photog!
  • Judochop, I did my makeup myself and had a friend of mine who is a photography major take the pictures for me.
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