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effectiveness of condoms+spermicide?

DH and I are on our first cycle off BC. We are not TTC and probably won't for another two years or so, but BC just doens't agree with my body, or my sex drive. We are starting to chart so we're more aware of my most fertile days, but we want to use condoms every time we have sex to be sure we don't get pregnant. I've found a lot of information about their effectiveness when used correctly individually, but is there any information about the effectiveness of condoms plus spermicide? I know spermicide can cause negative reactions in some women. We'd like to know a little more about its effectiveness in combination with condoms before we buy some. Any info I'm not finding? THANKS!

Re: effectiveness of condoms+spermicide?

  • Hi,
    As a health professional the condoms with spermacide are not worth it.  1. Most women have bad reacitons to spermicide and there are many studies saying its really not good for you. 2. By the time you get the condom on the spermicide is all worn off on the hand that rolled it on.  The effectiveness of just a regular condom should be fine.  Honestly there isn't much of a difference at all.
    Hope this helps.
  • I cant use spermicidal condoms, they make me burn.  Though I've never tried spermicide that you buy seperatly.

    You could try your own condoms plus spermicide that you buy seperatly.  I also cant use condoms that are pre-lubed because those bother me too, yet KY doesnt bother me one bit.

    I really like Lifestyles ultra sensative.

  • My husband and I have been using condoms since I was 18, I am now 28. I started using the pill (with condom) before the wedding to regulate my period but it was giving me awful side effects. Now we are back to just the condom. I think it is fine if used correctly.
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