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S/O Guests and Sex

Does it do anything for you to have sex when you have overnight guests at your house? DH thinks it's a huge turn on when friends of ours spend the night and they can hear us doing it.  Not necessarily family, but our younger friends that arn't easily offended.  He's always kind of had this about having mt girlfriends hear or ever watch him "owning me".  I think it's just a male ego thing.  Anyone else deal with this?

Re: S/O Guests and Sex

  • My DH tends to get really horny when we have houseguests too.  He doesn't want them to hear us.........I think he just gets off on the idea that they *could* hear us.  That whole voyuerism thing.

    It does nothing for me, though.

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  • I wouldn't call it a male ego thing, but a kinky sex thing your husband is into. We have sex when we have overnight guests, but we don't want them hearing it. Do you mind that he likes to be heard or watched while you guys are having sex?

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  • I always seem to get more aroused in a new place (hotel, someone else's house) but I don't want to make a spectacle out of our having sex.
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  • Hm, we always end up having sex when we have house guests too!  I don't know if it's because of the guests or because of all the beer we drink when we have company.  Either way, he doesn't want to be loud for other people to hear!

    By the way, HI T&A!!!  Miss you dear, do you still hang out at D&R? 
  • No, my husband doesn't want other people to hear or to see him "owning" me. We're not really into that, but it is "exciting" to have quiet sex when other people are in the house.
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  • It can sometimes be a turn on if its all sneeky.  But it depends on who the guests are.  If its his mom and dad, no thanks.  Thats a big turn off!
  • DH is actually often paranoid about others hearing us having we tend to do it less when guests are over (especially parents).
  • It excites my husband, but I get paranoid they will hear us! :)
  • Maybe she means like Violating her? lol
  • Actually we try to be more quiet when we have it at my parents house.  It actually makes it more fun to try and be quiet.
  • Yeah there is something sexy about the whole gota be sneeky and quiet. 

    I guess it depends on where you are too.  Like before my mom got married and we'd go and stay the night there (when we'd come and visit after we moved to TN) she'd let us borrow her bed.  Which was the same bed that her and my dad got.  NO WAY I was going to have sex in my parents bed!  Thats just gross lol

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