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What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Just because it's the hottest day of the year so far I thought it would be fun to find out what everyone's favorite flavor of ice cream. 


Re: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

  • I really like butter pecan with some caramel sauce. 
  • mint chocolate chip w/ chocolate syrup--never can have too much chocolate!
  • Store-bought: Haagen Daz Swiss Almond Vanilla

    Baskin Robbins: either Jamoca Almond Fudge or Prailines & Cream

    Also love me some frozen custard.  Ted Drews with Dad's Scotch Oatmeal Cookies concrete.

  • Birthday cake. Yum! :)
  • Spumoni from The Old Spaghetti Factory

    Baskin-Robbins - Pralines 'n Cream

  • Mint Chocolate Chip or Cookie Dough! I am so ready for an end to this heat!
  • Mint Chocolate Chip and if we are going to Oberweiss, I love the Peanut Butter n' Chocolate
  • Great poll!!!


    I love choc icecream with brownie bites mixed in :) 

  • I'm a butter pecan fan as well. Or Ted Drewe's oreo concrete. Man, I want some ice cream now....

  • Believe it or not, just vanilla--I'm a purist!  I also love root beer floats.
  • Mmmm...I love ice cream!

    I love Ben & Jerry's Oatmeal Cookie Chunk & ONE Cheesecake Brownie. ?

    I also am a huge fan of Cookies & Cream. ?

    But, I am not prejudice against any ice cream flavor. ?I will try almost anything! ?Yummy.?

  • This year I discovered Birthday Cake ice cream from Oberweis. It quickly became my favorite...yum! Cake

  • This is an evil post for a pregnant

     I love Maggie Moos Cheesecake with fresh raspberries mixed in.

     I also like B&J's cookie dough

    And I have to say my favorite sundae type thing is the Pecan Mudslide from DQ!

     I might have to just send H out for an ice cream run The baby needs the calcium right

  • Ok someone owes me a new keyboard for making my drool uncontrollably.  lol

    But seriously, I don't think I've met an ice cream I didn't like.  Give me any flavor.  If I had to rate one that wasn't as tasty, it would have to probably be coffee flavored.  But somehow making it into ice cream, it doesn't taste as bad.

    But I probably tend to go for the chocolate/peanut butter first or cookies n cream.  I'm going to have to try some of these others.

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