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do you think a big earthquake is coming?

just curious

we've had a few these past couple of weeks

I think its coming


Re: do you think a big earthquake is coming?

  • Yes.  Experts have predicted we would have a big earthquake in CA in our living years.......and it hasn't hit yet.....so it's still coming :)
  • Yes, There have been so many lately. Scary to think about.
  • I think just the opposite - I think that these littler earthquakes are releaving pressure to avoid a bigger earthquake, (fingers crossed).

    It has sucked living in El Segundo these past couple of days.  


  • Oh gosh, I am hoping that it is what 'WishIwerea' suggested, which is little quakes to alleviate the big one from occuring.  OR are these little quakes warning signs that we need to update and prepare for an emergeny kit??


    I hope it is the former.

  • I think it is good to have the smaller quakes, because it releases pressure on the plates.

    ?Not sure if it is a scientifically sound theory, but it makes me feel better:)?

    image Liam Henry: 9/5/09 Emmeline Claire: 5/23/11
  • AIDANAIDAN member

    I'd have to disagree with that little quakes alleivates from the "big one".  It's like an avalanche...it starts out with a little movement...then boom.

    But let's hope it won't come anytime soon cause I've been having scary thoughts about the "big one".

  • i agree with you wish. ?i think that all these little quakes are helping to relieve pressure. ?sure the big one is coming, but i dont think that its any time soon. ?
  • I was watching something that said within the next 10 years a huge one will definitely come here... I have nightmares about this all the time Confused
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