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I orgasm most of the time using toys anybody else like this?

So after asking questions in the past about orgasms Ifinally experienced what you all where talking about . I am able to orgasm with da hubby but not all the time.   When I feel the best or when I feel the best position for me to orgasm my hubby stops.  He said if he continues he will come early and doesn't want to.     So we will change positions and be at it for a lil while longer but although it feels good it's not great and I dont orgasm.     So I got this lil magic bullet and I LOVE IT.  Wow this lil thing has given me the best orgasms ever.  This puppy curls your toes. lol.

Anyways we have used it at times when hubby wants to stop so that he wont come early and it drives me nuts.       Anyways  we don't use it( bullet) often when we are together , i will say since the past 3 months maybe 3 times.  I have noticed that I want to pull my toy out more because i want to feel good and orgams and not left half done.    He doesn't pull the toy out like he did when we first got it.    I"m wondering if that he doesn't like the fact that I have some awesome orgasms with the toy more than I do with him.?     I have asked and he says no but then the same night I asked him to bring out the bullet and he was so in the zone that he didn't. Or did he and maybe ignored me.

Bottom line is that I think about my toy while having sex all the time now and want to have those awesome orgasms.   I"m also wondering if anybody else only orgasms with using toys than with their hubby.

Now another thing is that my hubby doesn't last long either and suprisingly he will last wayyyyyyyy longer when he has come home drunk. Go figure.  I feel like telling him to get drunk all the time.! lol

My sex drive is like way up there and I can't enough of sex and his is not so up there like before, he is always tired and when we do do it its not long.

He once told me that he thinks too much about it and gets mad at himself for coming so soon.      any suggestions on what he can do for that?

I want sex for longer than 15 minutes at least once in a while.

Sorry so long.

Re: I orgasm most of the time using toys anybody else like this?

  • I like using a vibrator about 1/5 of the time.  But we have some regular sex, then he uses it on me or we're doggy and i'm using it on myself and he going really slow.  I think it's fun and he doesn't have a problem with it.  But we also have regular husband and wife sex too.  I don't finish everytime, but that's up to me.  I have laundry to fold for crying out loud!
  • Lol  thanks for responding.            Ya know, I hardly come on these boards and after I posted I started to read some of the posts below.

    I will admitt I got scared about getting flammed on here.  I saw some people respond  mean to some of the posts below.        I have never understood  why if you don't have nothing nice to say why respond at all ya know?!

    There are alot of us here that are seriously naive to some stuff and don't have as much experience as others on here. We come to these boards for suggestions and tips and just to talk to other women that are going through similiar things now or have in the past.          I know these questions I will be asking my doctor eventually but just wanted to get some answers now.


  • I don't ever orgasm from intercourse alone. We have a vibrator that we use every time we have sex. I don't want my husband to feel like I depend on the toy and not him at all for pleasure, so I make sure he knows that he is an important ingrediant. I use it while we have sex, and it feels amazing. And if he uses it on me before or after sex, I always have him kiss me all over and feel me up. It feels so much better to me and I can orgasm much easier when is helping out too. He knows that I don't like it if he can't be a part of it too. This way he knows how important he is to giving pleasure. He has never had a problem with it. In fact, he thinks it's hot.
  • i hardley ever get off from just sex. i've tried toys, and they tend to do the trick for me, but i really like having my man there.... his presence hightens the whole expierence for me in a different way. has anyone had any luck making love with their husband while he's wearing a "cockring"? (sorry... sounds so voulger, but that's the only name i've seen associated with the ring)
  • I don't really orgasm w/o the vibrator either. Like a previous poster though, I like having both my hubby and the toy to do the job. I don't want my husband to think he doesn't "do it for me", so he's responsible for the vibrator/bullet when we're using it together and that way he's still "in charge" :)
  • I love it, I think Trojan makes a vibrator ring.  My husband on the other hand dosen't enjoy that around him, but I'd say its worth a try!! 
  • I'm really late on this one, but I wanted to put in my two cents. FI and I have a fairly wide variety of toys for both of us. We don't live together yet (I'm moving in with him in about 4 months), but when we talk about living together he talks about our "toy chest" that we'll have. Toys don't intimidate him and in fact he loves using them on me because he loves giving me pleasure, but then I do the same for him. But even better than the toys FI has great hands and he can do the job very very well with nothing but his lovely hands.

    Toys can become an awesome part of your sex life. If your husband is quick to orgasm a c*ck ring can help slow that down. Or if he is too close you can have him stop and give you a little extra attention at that point. Maybe if you try masturbating him with a sleeve combined with oral, you could get him to give you oral and use your bullet. There are many ways you can please each other other than straight P/V sex. You might want to pick up a few books, or I've got a fairly good pdf that isn't super graphic but has some good tips. If you'd like a copy of it email me at bluegirl1961 at hotmail dot com.

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  • my fh uses this stuff Time in a Bottle. It literally makes him last longer, no joke. He loves it, I orgasm, we're all happy. so I keep posting the same site but i always get stuff from her but its available at
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