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PMS sucks!

I've been moody all weekend and tonight I realized it was because I'm near the end of my pill pack.  Maybe it has something to do with getting older?  I never used to get PMS.  Something has changed.  I feel angry all day long.  My fuse is very short.  I've wanted to yell at DH all day today over the usual issues that annoy me.  My niece and MIL speaking in their outside voices all night and over dinner, just about hung me from the chandelier.  Krist, I feel for you when you had NuvaRage.

Re: PMS sucks!

  • A shot of tequila always helped me!


    In all seriousness, though, it sounds like you've been more stressed out than usual, so maybe that's just it.  Heck, speding an evening with my MIL and another child would put me over the edge, too, and I haven't PMSd in over 1 1/2 years!  

    Hope you feel better soon.  If not, though, call the OB/GYN!  Drinks

  • Ugh, sing it sister.  I'm switched to Femcon now, which is normally great but last month I was SO MOODY the week before/a couple days in to my period.  It was brutal.  I felt sorry for my husband! :)

    I keep telling myself at least I'm aware of it.  We could just be b!tchy and think we're being perfectly normal, ya know?  I think you need a break!  If you ever want to do a happy hour or need someone to watch Hannah for a bit while you have some "you" time let me know! :)

  • SIL and I had a bottle of wine w/ dinner last night.  That helped. Drinks

    After my pity party Friday night, I told DH I was feeling really burnt out.  The first thing he said was that we were going on our trip to Hawaii in a few more weeks.  We'll have 9 days, just the 2 of us.  The grandparents are splitting time taking care of H.  (The cancer center at UNMC hosts its own conference in Hawaii every 2 years.  The last time DH and I got to go was in 2005.)  It will be very much needed as it comes right after my sister's wedding.

  • I am SO jealous!!  Where do you go in Hawaii?

    Sounds like this is a much needed vacation for the two of you.  I'm thinking happy reconnection time thoughts for you! :)

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