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Newbie Alert

Hi folks. I've been lurking just a bit here and decided its time to introduce myself. I'm American currently in the USA but will be moving in about 4 months to South Australia to marry my Australian FI. I just received word that my prospective spouse visa has been granted so we are over the moon. I suspect you'll see my face pop up here now and again.

Any of you Australians or those currently living in Australia please feel free to share any helpful hints on life there. I visited last year so I've seen a little bit and FI is wonderfully helpful at sharing his knowledge of everything but there could be things he just hasn't thought of since he is Aussie born and bred and everything there is just the norm for him. 

And to the rest of you, please feel free to stop by here and say hi.


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Re: Newbie Alert

  • Hi and Welcome,

    DH and I both live in Brisbane Australia but are born and bred here so probably not much help, if you have any girly questions that your DH doesn't know the answer to I could probably help.  Where abouts in South Australia?  DH lived there for a while and I visited often, always wanted to go back and live down there.

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  • Amy726Amy726 member
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    Welcome!  I was just granted my spouse visa last week and will be moving to Melbourne, Australia next month!  I can't help you out with any helpful hints though since I will be in the same situation as you - learning the way of life down there. 
  • Thanks ladies. We will be in Mt. Gambier. It's really lovely there down near the limestone coast. Lots of pine forests.

    Amy at least I know I won't be doing this alone! :)

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  • Welcome to the board!!

    I moved to Sydney with my Aussie husband about 5 months ago.

    Let us know if you have any questions - YAY great to have another Aussie expat on here:)

  • Hi!

    I'm not an Australia IN, but I thought I would pop in to say "Welcome"! 

    DH and I are Americans living in Tokyo. 

  • Yay for more IN nesties on our side of the hemisphere!
  • Hi! I can't help with Australia, but wanted to welcome you to the bored. These ladies are the best!
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  • Hi and welcome.  We're Americans in Germany.
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    After 3 years living abroad, we are back in NOVA.
  • welcome and good luck! i've been in germany for the past 2.5yrs w/my german DH. the transition to a new country certainly has its challenges, but also many upsides- hope it's a good experience for you!
  • Hello and Welcome.  WE have all been through it before.  Living in a new culture.  And many of us are married someone of a different culture.
  • Hi and welcome!
  • Hi and welcome, good luck with everything!
  • Hello and welcome. Congrats on getting your visa. I am also an American living in Australia (Sydney). My Aussie FI and I are getting married in Oct.  I have been living here about two years so any questions you have just let me know!
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  • I am not from Australia but wanted to say welcome!
  • Hi and welcome!  I'm an American, married to a Greek and we live in England.
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  • *waves*

    I'm from Australia, married a Northern Irish man, living in the north of England. (weirdly, my DH used to live in South Australia).

    Any questions, fire them away!

    (And welcome, by the way!)

  • Welcome!  This board is really great.  ^^

    I'm an American married to a South Korean, living in his homeland.

  • Thank you so much for all the welcoming replies! What a friendly group here. I have to admit it is intimidating enough for me to be moving to a land where they speak my native tongue and for the most part the culture is similar to mine. I can't even begin to imagine moving to a country where I didn't speak the language fluently or wasn't fully educated on the culture. So many of you are soooooo brave and adventurous.

    I look forward to getting to know you. :)


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  • You'll find more American-ness in Australia than I think you do over here. Growing up, we watched loads of US tv shows so references to things like Seinfeld, Family Ties, Full House, M.A.S.H, the A-Team and Greatest American Hero etc are all valid. And of course, you'll get plenty of support on this board! Even moving to a country without a language barrier can be really challenging, so vent away if it gets tough, we're here to listen.
  • Welcome to the board (sorry I'm late!).  Hope you enjoy your experience!
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