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Feeling a little regret about something at work

At our work we have an incentive program where Customer Service Reps get a reward (money) for customer compliments.  The way it works is that our customer would have to tell their corporate office how great they think we are and the corporate office would have to tell the manager at our work. Impossible.  I could hand deliver their goods and this would never happen.  **However** one of the CSR's has got a reward every month for the last three months.  I sit right next to this person and hear their every conversation and while I do think they are great at their job I couldn't figure out what I was doing different.  *UNTIL* the other day I heard the person after the person they were speaking with must have said they were doing a great job, thanks for helping, etc the CSR said "Well you know if you want you can always let corporate know"  UNBELIEVEABLE! I didn't know what to think, they were pretty much saying call and compliment me.  So I explained the situation to our boss and now I am feeling regretfull that I tattled.  I do however think that it is unfair that how they were getting the rewards, but DH says you have to do what you have to do...

What would you have done?

Re: Feeling a little regret about something at work

  • Its a little tacky - but maybe she was doing a good job (above and beyond?) and depending how she said it -- jokingly. Also maybe she doesnt say it every call/situation?

    What comes around... goes around.

  • Sometimes you have to toot your own horn, or as they say, the squeaky wheel gets oiled.
  • I definately would have drawn a picture of a shovel and passed it to her while she was still on the phone... the caption would have read "It's getting a little deep in here" lol I don't think I would have gone to the boss, for the simple fact that bosses while they are supposed to keep things like that confidential, THEY DON'T!  I have learned and I deal with things like that on my own now... mainly with sarcasm :)
  • njh514njh514 member

    While I do think that's a little over the top, if someone complimented her then they probably didn't think it was out of line. I think that would be a personal choice. If you feel comfortable doing it then go ahead. If not, then don't. I don't really think she was out of line. A bit of an annoying sales type person, yeah, but not out of line. I don't think you should feel guilty for going to the boss.

    What did the boss say? Did he/she say that was okay or not okay? 

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  • Some people do whatever it takes to get to the top... 

    Here are some thoughts

    - would your employer disapprove?

    - it might not occur to someone to call corporate and she put the tought into their head

    - when I worked at sears, there were these surveys... they didn't care how you got all 10's, just as long as you got them.

    -  if someone actually follows through and calls corporate they must have been impressed with her enough to take time out of their day to praise

    - I have been to Penny's and have seen cashiers circle the survey link and write their name.  They then ASK to have their name mentioned..



  • Honestly I probably would not have said anything.  While she is being ballsy, she's not necessarily doing anything wrong.  I am very anti-confrontational though, and would be worried about being perceived as a "tattletale" by my boss and my coworkers.

    Not much you can do now though, so don't stress about it ;)

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