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So Bummed! I Scratched The Car

Oy vey!  I am so bummed out about scratching the side of the car.  I blame it on being hugely pregnant and little parking spaces in England.

I was going to the town center the other day and was in the parking garage trying to find a parking space and saw a corner one.  I thought I'd be smooth and leave as much room as possible on the one side for me to actually be able to get out of the car and in the meantime scatched the side of the car with the garage beam. 

It's not an awful, awful deep scratch, but my poor pretty car Sad  And I still struggled to get myself out of the car!  Even worse, even though that is half my car, the first thing I thought of was 'OMG, dh is going to be soooo mad!'.  Why I still live in this mindset of that is more his car than mine I have no idea, but shyeah, not even close, he's all 'Jen, it's just a scratch, it's not like you mangled the car, get over it'.  Oh well.

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Re: So Bummed! I Scratched The Car

  • I am impressed that you are still driving at 37, almost 38 weeks pregnant.
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  • That is a bummer.  H did the same thing (well, he's not pregnant ;P) last week.  Of course, I'm glad it was nothing serious (give me a scratch over an accident anyday), but still that first scratch is definitely a downer!

    Hope this week is better for ya!

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