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Terrier Mix needs a home

3 or 3.5 years old
Unaltered (ick)
Probably not up to date on shots (double ick)

But she's cuteeeeeeeeeee:



Without getting into the drama, this dog was supposed to be mine and my ex's. Ex dumped dog at his mom's and hasn't taken care of her in two years. Mom is moving at the end of this month and is going to take her to the pound and lie to me about it. We have animal control breathing down our neck about cats right now and we're already over-limit for dogs. I tried to get in touch w/ them to get a dog kennel license, to make our overlimit legit and take in this little girl, but they won't return a call for anything.

She doesn't do well with cats, but used to be fine w/ them so might be able to be re-trained. Has been mostly outside for two years, but used to be housebroken so I'm sure she could re-adjust if there were issues. She hates being stuck outside all day and LOVES to sleep next to your feet or cuddle with you. When I visit, I bring her inside and we chill for hours. She was my reading buddy for the last Harry Potter book.

If you know anyone who's interested, they can email me at [email protected]

Re: Terrier Mix needs a home

  • Oh, and sorry for spamming this board, but last time I re-homed a found dog on craigslist, it took two months of active looking and I don't have time for it this time. :( Dog rescues are kind of useless because they don't have any available foster homes.

    I was going to take her to AZ last winter and try to convince one of my grandma's RV friends to take her since I think she'd do awesome in that environment and be a great companion for an activer, older person, but we never made the trip due to work schedules. :(

  • She's adorable and I wish I could take her but my dog Missy doesn't get along with other dogs.

    I sure hope you find her a home!

  • She's cute! I wish I could take her but my dog Frankie is really rough on smaller dogs. Sad
  • Obviously this doesn't apply to your dogs Amy and Jenn, since you know your dogs well, but Yusch does do well with large dogs. I don't have any clue how she does w/ small dogs though.

    Right now she lives w/ a queensland heeler (who doesn't really like her at all) and a big fluffy australian shepherd. My FIL is taking the heeler, and I think he'll take the shepherd too since they grew up together even though he dislikes the dog.

    Yusch is super adaptable and doesn't have a mean bone in her body! She only barks when she's stuck outside all day. :(

  • I'm sorry but I don't know anyone who would be able to take her. Brandi has mentioned a no kill shelter before. I can't remember the name of it though.

    Hope you find a good home for her!

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  • Just wanted to update...


    DH is being AMAZING and letting me take Yusch in for a few days to find her a home. One of my dogs is a little territorial but got along w/ Yusch well at her house, so I'm crossing my fingers that things will be okay today.

    My ex's mother told me that he was supposedly trying to move this month so he'd be able to take her, but we don't buy it. And even if it was true, the dog is more for a chick magnet thing than an animal he's capable of caring for. If he had even once taken her in for one shot, or bathed her once, or even walked her- I'd feel differently. This dog is the last connection I have to this idiot and I'm SO SO SO glad that it'll be over today. I'll never have to worry about her safety or health again.

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