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Had a stupid moment...

I found a flight from Incheon to Knoxville for $369 through Delta but commented that I couldn't find a lap infant price.  Then, he reminded me that for that price, we could purchase two regular fare seats and still come out cheaper.  D'oh!

Re: Had a stupid moment...

  • LOL! It sounds like you have baby-brain. Does it really last that long after they're born? In that case, I'm in serious trouble.
  • LOL.  I think it does, at leas for me.  I'm a lot more ditzy now than I used to be.
  • International flight infant lap price is about 10% of a regular fare on Delta, FYI, and there's no way to buy an infant ticket online. ?You have to call or go in. ?And some people at Delta are stupid and will take your infant ticket away from you at the wrong time and then when you need it later and don't have it they'll charge you again, even though it was their fault. ?So yeah, just get her a seat!
  • Oh, yeah, I don't like Delta. We never flew with them, but when I rang up to ask how much it'd cost, and could they tell me a total price for DH, me and W, tehy refused, saying they could only do it AFTER I'd bought my adult fares. I didnt' trust them -a nd aparently with good reason!

    We flew BA - they include it in the computer estimate. No help for you but there you go :)

    I hope you get your flights sorted easily - it's stressy enough having to do it on your own. (THough I bet Irene will be good as gold!)

    Mum to W (4) and M (nearly 2)
  • I had heard Delta could be stupid.  Thanks for the heads up on the infant ticket, though.  I think we will try to get her a seat.
  • All airlines can be stupid.  We booked Quint a seat here.  Someone suggested to me to get a baby infant basket so I called up the airline and asked them to reserve bulkhead and the infant basket for us (which PS, I think it's pointless to pay for a seat when the baby can still use the infant basket).    They couldn't find my son's seat on the plane so they put me on hold.  When they came back, turns out someone had booked his seat about 6 rows away from my husband and I.  Morons.  If i had not called, there would have been issues on the plane :)
  • WAIT?!?!?  It only costs you $360 to fly home???
  • I know!  Crazy, isn't it?  Most of the flights are over $1,000.  That particular itinerary, however, is cheaper.  I don't know why.
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