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Anyone ever shop there?  I need a black shrug to go with this cute dress that I got for school and I saw that Amanda Bynes makes a cute little shrug that would be a perfect match for the dress.  S&B carries the line so I am thinking of going there tomorrow.  I know that they carry SJP as well.  I get the whole Montra of fashion not costing a fortune but I am a little skeptical of an $8.00 sweater.  Just curious TIA

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Re: Steve&amp;amp;Barry's

  • I equate it with H&M.  My friend was visiting from GA last summer and saw the Oprah show about the Sarah Jessica Parker line.  She begged me to go since they didn't have a store near her.  I wasn't overly impressed.  She got a few cute things, but none of the pants fit me and all the clothes seemed cheaply made.  It's the kind of place that if they have something that I need and am not wearing on a regular basis it's fine.  For everyday clothes, I'd pass.  But that's just my $.02.  Hopefully, you'll find what you need.
  • I agree with the H&M comparison. 

    However, for someone like me who refuses to buy expensive clothes it works.  My problem is they have loads of clothes but I can never find anything I like there, for DH is a whole other story I could spend lots for him there...

    Good luck!

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  • If you need something to get you by then it's a good place to go. ?But if you want something that will last a whole season then I'd go somewhere else.

    If you go to the one in Deptford you can also go in Marshall's or TJ Max. ?They might have what you're looking for.

    Expecting Baby #1 12/3/13
  • I got some cute summer t-shirts there and a pair of capris and they are holding up well.  We also got FI some jeans for work there and they're actually great quality- especially for $8!!  There stuff won't last forever, but it's definitely worth a try.

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  • Ehh. I like it just ok. Everything is really cheap, but nothing quite fits well. I got my bride-to-be getting ready outfit there. Comfy, but the pants don't fit right. Worth checking though.

  • I like it bc its so cheap.... however like a pp stated I never have luck there while DH is always comming out with tons of clothes.... but its worth the shot for 9$!... I got a few pair of jeans there in the winter... they are still holding up!
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