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f/u washing machine repairs

On Monday I called back the appliance store to say that coming on Aug 5th was way too long (as per your suggestions), so the guy came this evening (funny how that works out when you call again). He was totally pissy when he got here... I couldn't find the reciept for our warranty right away, and when I did he was all aggressive about "who has taken this front panel off before - bc a screw was missing - and where is the tech's report?" um... we had to take the braces off when we bought it, and the report is just up here... relax!

well, after being friendly with him he lightened up. he acknowledged that while I was upstairs the machine wasn't working... but I told him that sometimes it does. So it tried it again, and that time it worked. He said in the many years of repairs, he's never seen a machine that needs ALL of the parts replaced... wonderful.

About 3/4 of the way through his time here, he sincerely appologized for going to the wrong house last week... he showed me the print-out sheet, and the top half of the house number was cut off, so it looked like 85, not 65. He said that he would let his co. know that he was wrong, and that he would put a *rush* on the parts we need. So it could be another week to 3 weeks without a washer!!! can you friggen believe it? at least he came today and not next Tuesday. Off to my parent's place for laundry.... how annoying... but it could be worse.

Re: f/u washing machine repairs

  • wow! Well at least you know the whole story now!

    That's crazy that it "sometimes" worked, yet needs all brand new parts? holy moly! Thanks goodness for the extended warranty on this one ;)

  • I can't believe you might have to go 3 whole weeks without your washing machine!  There's only two of us living here and that would be a nightmare...I can't imagine what it would be like with a small child and a teenager!!
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  • Well at least he apologized and they got someone out right away!!!   Good luck on getting it fixed sooner!
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