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Has anyone tried Alli?

There are some scary warnings on that stuff (wear dark clothing and pack a change of clothes with you????  Who the heck wants to poop their pants past the age of 3??)

But -- if you really keep a close watch on what you eat, that shouldn't matter, right? (Yes, this Squishie is thinking of taking the easy way out, after I do the adult thing and talk to my doc about it.)  Just wondering if anyone has/knows anyone who has taken it to share your experience. 

Re: Has anyone tried Alli?

  • Well, crap (Ha!  No pun intended). I just read the Mayo Clinic website's info this, and I fit into the "When shouldn't you take Alli" category.  Ah, well. No big loss. I'm not into adult diapers, anyway.  Wink
  • I have not heard one good about this. Serisouly, dont do it
  • LMAO at the warning.  Could you imagine trying to potty train Hannah while you're pooping your own pants?  lol

    On a serious level - have you ever thought about Weight Watchers?   It's not for everyone but I love it.  I'm still able to squeeze in my ice cream every week with the points.

  • NOOOOO please dont do this :( This is bad and scary no matter what anyone says.....


    The best thing to do is to try to eat more "clean". Limit or elliminate processed foods and stock up on natural, fruits, veggies, whole grains , etc. Drink lots of water and excersise......


  • We sell Alli here at work... Let me know if you do decide to try it, I'm pretty sure I can get it half price.


  • Oh dear lord!!  I looked at that website and I have to strongly advise against any drug that lists a "treatment effect" of "gas with an oily anal discharge"! Ick!  Glad you're on the "shouldn't take Alli" list!
  • OK, it really scared me to think you would consider trying that!  I'm so glad you fit into the exclusion category.  There are SO many things you can do without going to diet pills!  Those things are scary - I saw some of their worst effects during my counseling days.   

  • Alli isn't like other diet pills, it's a non-habit forming fat blocker. Kind of like Olestra, it makes the fat move through your system without being absorbed. Hence why you will have loose, oily stools. It's more of a help for the self regulating dieters. If your on Alli you'll learn the mistakes from eating pizza and not steamed veggies.

     It's not like Stacker or another pill that pumps up your heart race and makes you hyper. No speed, ephedra or other dangerous herbs. I've seen people on Stacker 2 and they are just crazy as balls. My old bff used to eat them like candy.

  • a teacher in my district had to leave work early one day because of it....the rumors went flying through all of the schools....she is the "butt" of a lot of jokes.


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  • Okay, it appears the responses you have recieved thus far aren't quite answering your question!  I have not tried the pills myself, but only b/c we are TTC (for 17 cycles), so I don't want to risk taking them and then find out I'm pg. 

    However, DH did take them earlier this year, and he liked them... and is considering taking them again.  As long as you watch what you eat, then the accidents shouldn't happen.  If he ate McDonalds, for instance, then yes, there was a chance of accidents (while releasing gas).  TMI warning - the poop looks like the top of a pizza (greasy orange liquidy). 

     SIL took them also; she told me that they are the only diet pills that didn't make her feel bad.

    I promise it isn't as bad as it sounds... I'd def try them!  GL.

    -- Jackie
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