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Has anyone delivered at UMC?

Our OB practices at UMC and I'm having a hard time finding info on the labor and delivery process - childbirth classes, hospital policies, etc. ?I tried google and the hospital website but I must have been searching the wrong terms.

Also, did you have a good experience?


Re: Has anyone delivered at UMC?

  • I haven't delivered there (or anywhere) but I do know that the post-partum rooms are doubles. Besides that you know that you are going to have residents involved in your care, not a bad thing, just a difference.
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  • I would never ever ever deliver at UMC, hell, I won't go back there for an ER visit!!!

    1- residents, in your business, literally!

    2- I have family that work there and I've heard a lot of bad stories and I have had horrible experiences and so has family.

    3- there is a lot of infighting within their docs and admin, not a safe, secure environment. I heard two docs arguing in a hall when visiting someone.

    4- no privacy at all and you need that when delivering your child/ren and recouping afterward.

    5- my doc refuses to work with them "for ethical reasons" works for me!

    6- the UMC/UA labs do inhumane animal testing and I cannot be apart of that even indirectly.


    Check out TMC and NWMC, they both have brand new Women's ctrs. that are awesome, private, holistic/integrated, and CLEAN! :)



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  • Ok, so now I feel like I have to defend UMC a little bit because my perspective is different than Zona's.

    Yes, residents are involved in your care. But they are MD's and are frequently more up on the latest care standards than older physicians. And academic institutions generally are more up to date than community hospitals. 

    My spouse works at UMC as well, and has worked at other hospitals both in AZ and out of state. There are always bad stories...they can happen anywhere, even the really nice ritzy hospitals that govenors and Oprah type people would go to (yes, my DH worked there)

    When you're actually delivering you have a private room at UMC, it's only afterward that you share and if they aren't full you may not have a roommate. I agree, this is NOT ideal. 

    I disagree with not going there because they use animals for research...based on this logic you would never use any medications or really any advanced medical technology, ever. The other hospitals benefit from the research that academic research institutions generate, they just don't do it themselves. 

    And if someone has a super complicated pregnancy, they frequently deliver at UMC even if their doc is primarily at another community hospital becuase UMC is generally more equiped to handle the highly complicated cases.

    All this said, I would probably try to deliver at St Joes because it's near my house but if I liked my OB and they were at UMC I'd go there. 

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  • I had DD at UMC and it was a great experience.  I had an emergency c-section and stayed 4 nights.  I only had to share a room for a couple hours and it wasn't that bad.  All of the residents, nurses and doctors were very nice.  There should be a list of classes on the UMC website.  You can take a hospital tour to be sure you like it.  I also was admitted to labor and delivery before DD was born with kidney stones.  I have no complaints about either time.  I had DS at St. Joe's but that is because it is closer to my house and I switched OB's.
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