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Poll: If you could give your 16-y.o. self any advice...

Re: Poll: If you could give your 16-y.o. self any advice...

  • I'd tell her to take some classes to learn how to handle money, and to take that job I turned down in 2001 at the Grounds for Sculpture. My life could have been in a whole different place right now!

    But then again, maybe I would skip that last part. if I had taken that job, I would never have met some very good friends, and who knows if DH and DD would be here now. Too bad we can't all have crystal balls.

  • UM, I guess don't be afraid to really be yourself b/c if people don't like the real you then they are not worth your time ...Also, don't be too stubborn to say , "Sorry" took me a long time to learn that last one
  • Oh, and when i was 16 i started dating the BIGGEST jerk...i would tell myself to not even bother with life would have been soooooo much easier.

    Maybe i should also tell myself to consentrate more on school than extracuricular(sp?) activites

  • dont take Birth control pills.... learn about your body, go to school and go with your gut feeling! .
  • Stop fixating yourself on the guy who is 3 years older than you.  As great as you think he is, you're not going to marry him. 

    Stop lying to yourself.  What you're doing isn't the healthiest way to lose weight.  


  • beacbabe - i'm right their with you about the pill...see the poll above
  • 1) NEVER get "nuts" over a guy. NEVER let him see you make a fool of yourself over him. Its so pointless to date losers anyway since you will end up marrying a really "nice guy"

    2) Forget about your fist love.....he isn't well mentally and he won't be around when you are 30

    3) OMG do NOT get a CC until you are at LEAST 25 and know how to use it the right way:(?

  • School really is important... and partying and BOYS aren't!

  • Pay attention in Spanish class and try to retain the information past test day! After four years of dual-credit honors classes, you ought to be bilingual! (At 26, I only speak enough Spanish to ask where the bathroom is!)



  • I have a list:

    -Don't worry about what you think people think of you...who really cares about what other people think.

    -If your overweight, don't let cultural forces make you do irrational amounts of exercising/starving to make yourself thin, your just hurting yourself.

    -Stay out of the sun.

    -Go with your gut, if you feel like something is wrong with a situation, your usually right. 

    -Don't judge a book by its cover, your usually wrong.

    -Don't be a door mat, stand up for yourself.

    -Don't stay in a job just for the money.

  • Save every penny. Stop blowing your paycheck on hairspray.

    Do NOT get serious with this guy. Don't get married at 19 and don't let him talk you out of going to college because you won't get another chance to go until you are 27!

    Loosen up a bit and stop worrying so much about what people think of you. 

    You're right...Bon Jovi will still be playing on the radio in 2008. 



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  • Those 'cool kids' that bug you actually think highly of you,  and will tell your mother that in the future when she works with them.

    While many friends will disappoint you,  Laurie is there 'til the end.

    In the end,  you are the only one you can depend on - always have a back up plan.

    And Finally - Don't move to NJ for the hot guy,  make the hot guy move to you!

  • I'd tell her to stay away from credit cards and go STRAIGHT to college after high school DON'T WAIT.   I wouldn't be able to stress that to her enough.
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    Diagnosed with High FSH, low folical count, and absent anti mullerian count 08/11

    - Get more involved in college.

    - Your bf does have a small peener, stop trying to make him feel better about it cause he's just going to use that confidence to mack on other girls behind your back. Oh, and break up with him.

     - Your best friend is not your best friend. by a long shot.

  • Tell your best friend how you feel about her ditching you and putting guys first so it doesn't kick you in your ass later.

    All the hard work is worth it but don't ever stop taking at least one Spanish class, even through grad school!

    You're better than all the boys you think you want to date.  And, yes, you're pretty too!!

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  • AlikiAliki member
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    Boys aren't that important. You should've valued your friends more than your jerk of a boyfriend.

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  • -I'd try to build up my confidence bc I didn't have much.

    -Don't get hooked on one guy, especially without doing something about it!

    -Be honest about your feelings in relationships, especially with my on/off bf.  We ended up hurting each other way too much REPEATEDLY and I think that could have been avoided.

    -Loosen up and don't take things too seriously. (I still need to tell myself this sometimes!)

    Now, if I could tell my COLLEGE self something, we would definitely have words about wasting my time on my ex-fi!!!  But, if things hadn't worked out the way they did, I might never have met DH and had DS, so I can't really regret anything.

  • Like Ethan'sBride, I also have a list:

    -ALWAYS follow your gut.  (You're right more times than you're wrong)

    -Stop being such a bit** and you won't be amazed 10+ years from now that some of these people actually still speak to you

    -Life is short, so live a little (I was very shy and reserved and missed out on a lot because of it)

    -Don't worry about being taller than most of the other girls.  Eventually some of them will catch up and if not, who cares???  (I still struggle with this and really wish I could embrace being tall like some people do.  Instead, I just feel awkward more times than not)

  • Don't try and change schools 3x, just drop out and get your GED, then go to college.  Crazy huh? telling myself to drop out of school,  it was a REALLY, REALLy bad experience for me, and crap that happened then trickled way too far into my adult life. so yes, I would have definatly quit school.

  • image ChucksGirl7:

    School really is important... and partying and BOYS aren't!

    I'm right there with you on this one!!! Wink

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