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Happy Hump Day! What's new???

Hey Ladies, doesn't seem like we've had a good conversation in a while!!!  What's new with everyone???


We're just neck-deep in paperwork etc for the house....  Other than that not much new going on here.


Re: Happy Hump Day! What's new???

  • eww paperwork for the house..not fun..but so worth it I know!!! We haven't had much going on here, I finally finished my Masters 2 weeks ago so we have been relaxing! DH has a baseball game tonight, his rec team is in the playoffs for their league.

     Anyone doing anything exciting this weekend?

  • Get ready to sign your name about a billion times! There is SO MUCH paperwork for buying a house!

    I'm just dragging today... For some reason we decided to go bowling last night and I didn't get into bed until midnight. I need a nap already.

    Hanging out this weekend, nothing planned. You?

  • Thanks and congrats nbrockwell.  In what subject did you get your masters?

     Does anyone know how much it costs around here to get your house power-washed?

  • Brian and I have started dieting. We walk about a mile to a mile and a half each night and count calories. Everything is going ok so far. I'm excited to get skinny!!!! Other than that just working a lot and still seeing docs about my lip (see blog if you aren't sure what I'm talking about....or ask me I'll tell you) That's all.

    And sometimes you can fine someone that will pressure wash for as little as $100. My dad owns one so we do it ourselves but I know my mom hired someone to wash her fence and her house for $100. I'll ask her who.

  • I read that you'd been attacked by a dog in your blog and that you were going to the doctor for it... that's HORRIBLE and terrifying.  Was it your own pet or one you didn't know?  I hope you heal quickly and the scar vanishes soon.

     It would be great if you could find out who powerwashed your mom's house.  I'm guessing she was happy with their work?  Like if there are areas of the house that don't come perfectly clean with the power washing, I want someone who will scrub where the dirt doesn't come off etc.

  • it was a dog we were thking about fostering for some folks moving to FL. It was my first ime actually meeting the dog. It loved Brian...hated me!

    She seems happy...she's had him back more than once and she is the type that'll let you know if she isn't happy. (we tease her saying dept stores have her photo up b/c if she isn't happy she lets them know!) I sent her an e-mail and now I'm just waiting to hear back!

  • Thanks for contacting your mom about that.

     That is just horrible about the dog... what a nightmare.  We have rescued cats but I would have huge reservations about rescuing a dog, just because you don't know what sort of experiences they have had that could bring out the worst of their temperment... though I know friends with the sweetest dogs ever who were rescues.

     It sounds like you actually may have known the previous owners though?

     Did the accident happen after your wedding?

  • I kinda of knew the owners...not too well. They SEEMED responsible...seemed being a key word. It happened 2 1/2 weeks after my wedding...glad for that! Yeh we already have two one we got as a pup and one was a rescue. both are adorable and sweet. the rescue (that is ours, not the attacking dog) was found as a puppy malnourished and a chain embedded in his neck. since he was like 6 mos when found it was easy to readjust hes my big ol' baby now! the other dog just freakishly snapped!
  • I'm still recovering from driving 13 hours from NY to SC on MOnday.  We drove up Friday (16 hours-traffic) for a wedding and drove back MOnday.  I have to work this week, so I am pretty tired.

    This weekend I am going to a charity event called "Days Into Night" on Saturday.  I am so excited.  I get to meet actors/actresses from Days Of Our Lives.   It's a yearly event in Greer.



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  • Thanks!! I got it in Criminology and Criminal Justice.
  • LIAngel,

     Was the wedding worth 30 hours in the car??? 

     Is your mom all settled into her new house yet?

     Your fundraiser sounds fun.  I don't know that I'v ever seen Days of Our Lives, but if  had, I would probably be excited about it too!  For what cause are they raising money?

  • Hi!  I just got back from vacation in Myrtle Beach.  Glad to there's at least some activity on the board!

  • Mrs ZP2B,

    1-Yes I think it was worth it. We saw friends we haven't seen in 2 years.  we also went out to dinner with friends (who we haven't seen also in 2 yrs) and had a blast.   We wish it could have been longer, but I had to work (no work= no money for me)

    2.  Well my mom is here, but her stuff isn't.  The movers are coming hopefully this weekend.


    3.  The charity is the Taylors Youth Association.  I am superexcited! I've been watching Days since 1983.   I have to make sure my camera is all ready and charged.




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  • Girl you are DATING yourself with admitting how long you've been watching Days!!!  Wink  I'm SURE you meant to say 1993 haha.
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