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Local Jeweler to avoid...

I have been married just over 3 years. I still hang around now and then to post little blurbs here and there. Some of you know me and run for the hills when you see me ;)But the last couple months of my life have been hell, because of the work of the jeweler who made my e-ring. If you can avoid them, stay as far away from Vincent's Jewelers as you can.


A few months ago, I noticed my platinum e-ring was yellowing at one spot where the diamond head met the ring part. I thought at first, maybe it's just a reflection...well as time went on it got worse. Platinum should NEVER yellow or change color. Well lo and behold, I found the jeweler used YELLOW GOLD SOLDER to assemble it. They apparently do that frequently. And readily admit to it. From what I learned in just ONE class on gemology (my first of a few), that's completely unacceptable practice, but apparently it's the "easy" way to do things so many jewelers do it, and then cover it up with rhodium to make it look white. Well ladies, rhodium wears off. And then the gold shows up.

I personally am allergic to gold and the alloys they typically use with it. And the way they soldered my ring together left gold solder exposed in two spots, up on top, and under the ring where it touches my finger. I kept getting this mysterious rash. I thought it was from washing my hands with it on and not drying it right....nope it's bec my ring was made wrong.

So we took it up there ON my anniversary because we had gone that way for dinner.

They did see it and they offered to fix it. Or cover it again. Then after disassembling it, they couldn't see a way to get all the gold off the ring to redo it without it leaving some behind, so they ordered new parts. They had to reorder those parts again a week later because their jeweler couldn't seem to set the stone right, or rushed it and melted parts. So 3 weeks later, yesterday, I got A ring back, which didn't quite look right. My HUSBAND could see it and he usually can't see anything of that kind. (The tile in the bathroom was like 4" lower on the right than the left...and how he missed that...) They somehow couldn't see that. The whole head holding the stone was lopsided. I turned it upside down and you could see it because it just all slanted. And yet...couldn't see it. So I just said..ok then...and left.

It's now in the hands of another jeweler who saw it clear as day without any magnifiers. I have to now pay over $300 to get it taken apart and reassembled the right way. People say "oh go back there and make them fix it..." yknow what? Id rather pay someone else to fix it than let them touch my rings again.

In the 4 years since my engagement, they've hadit in their hands for probably 4 months of that time, having to fix their own crappy work. You'd think someone would pick up on that and find out which guy is the culprit...So...I figured I better warn people of this because it's more stress than I needed, and it's ruined the sentimental feelings around my ring.?

Re: Local Jeweler to avoid...

  • OMG, that is awful!  But thank you for sharing your story!  I hope this new jewler can make your ring right.  Now if you can get the old jewler to pay your bill...Wink
  • You and your rings. Sorry you had to deal with this. I heard it "through the grape vine" that you were having issues. What a bummer. I loved your ring. I guess now I will have to see you to love your new ring.

     Personally I have heard other stories about this jeweler.

  • oh my gosh!  thanks for letting us know.  I will highly recommend my jeweler... Huelsmann's Jewelers in Sunset Hills (in plaza w/O'leary's across from Growlers).. they are a small family run place and I absolutely love them.  They recognize every time we're there and always do great work.  If anyone is looking for a "mom and pop shop" this is the place to go! Love love love them.  they were also recommended to me.....

    I'm sorry you've had such a hard time, it's just so frustrating getting good customer service these days!

    ****My boys....****
  • Thanks for letting us know about this jeweler.  Sorry you had so many problems!


    Amy.matt- Thanks for your recommendation.  I am actually in the process now of either changing my rings or just the wedding band so I have started to look around for ideas, but like having a recommendation on where to go.

  • Thanks for letting us know about their shoddy work. I would also like to recommend Genovese Jewelers on Olive. I've never had anything but complete and total sucess with them. In fact, I have several pieces from them and have always been thrilled. I can take my ring in anytime to have it checked and cleaned at no charge. I also have lifetime adjustments (sizing, fix anything that might be wrong, prongs, etc).  They are great!
  • image ajanes:
    I would also like to recommend Genovese Jewelers on Olive. I've never had anything but complete and total sucess with them. They are great!

    i agree! my e-ring was from Shane co and after a bad run in with them over what they said versus what they were willing to do - we switched! Genovese is amazing. we went in, said we had this much to spend and i wanted this. she found my wedding band for less than we wanted to spend. great place!!


  • Oh that sucks!  I also recommend Huelsmann Jewelers if you're looking for someone else to work on your ring.
  • Thanks for the warning and the recommendations!
  • Ok I have an update finally. I tried to post it last night but it didn't like me.

    So a short version: I took my ring for repair at another shop locally, I won't give that name til all the stuff is over with because he did a GREAT job but I don't want Vincent's going after them.
    As for the recommendations:

    I didn't go with Genovese for any of my projects because of their staunch refusal to work with platinum. And by staunch I mean downright inappropriately rude. They didn't seem to get that if I didn't get what I wanted they wouldn't get my business. Apparently "ALLERGIC TO GOLD" was not clear enough to explain my refusal of anything gold.  Huelsman was hesitant also. And I will not work with someone who won't work with it or that I get a feeling can't do it. So I found a few places that do work with Plat and one of them got the job.

    I did learn that I shouldve gone away from them anyway and not made them fix their own work, because it went horribly wrong.


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