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Morning (Wedneday)

Hello! How was everyone's night? Any plans for today?


Amy and I met for dinner at Buca di Bepo (and she treated! Thanks again!!) before our last photography class. : )

Tonight we are going to try to make it over to the Cheesecake Factory for their $1.50 cheesecake deal Wink, then I might dash over to Claremont to help shoot the cover for their magazine for the Fall schedule of classes.

Re: Morning (Wedneday)

  • Morning. Just watched a movie last night - The Kingdom - it was pretty good but made me have a really disturbing dream. Today I'm just bumming around, hopefully I'll get some stuff around the house done. Tonight I get to get dolled up for our anniversary dinner at the Mission Inn.
  • OOooohhh...I forgot about the cheesecake thing. It's all day right? Maybe I'll drive over there at lunch!

    Last night we didn't do much of anything but take the dogs to the park.

    After work is my big u/s and then I imagine a lot of phone calls. Hopefully we will find time to take the dogs again to the park. Bo let me sleep the whole night last night! :)

  • Wow Val!! You better get those business cards ready, I hear you're future knocking!

     Last night I started to feel blah, and this morning I woke up with a terrible sore throat. Yuck. I hate sore throats.


  • Oh sorry Jenn! I hope you feel better!
  • Morning!

    I slept from 11:30 to 4:30 this morning and it was great. I usually wake up around 2:30 - 3 so this was like sleeping in. Then I ate leftover Bucca for breakfast at 4:30. That's gotta be healthy right?

    Class was fun and I'm glad I went. The instructor was impressed by Val's work you could tell. Today I plan on sitting on my butt, working on some photo albums and trying to learn my PS program.

    Kirsty - you forgot to add updating all of us.

  • I got DD's cold so today will be spent just sitting on the couch and letting Isabel destroy the house.

    Her cold barely lasted 2 days. But I just know now that DH and I have it,it's going to be so much worse.


  • Oh, yeah. That's the other thing I will do tonight. Update my blog and add a post here.

    Poor Jenn and Kat. Being sick sucks. Get lots and lots of rest.

  • I'm relaxing tonight. :) DH is parking in Upland today (he's working in Rialto) so that means he'll be home at a decent time. Usually they leave from Orange and are stuck in traffic. He didn't get home until after 6 yesterday and he leaves the house before 5am. Ick. I made dinner for tonight, last night, so I just have to heat. :) Yay.

    I'm glad today's Wednesday (hump day). Our weeks go by so fast at work but the days drag on forever.

  • Today we are going to make a day trip out to the Farmer's Market/The Grove in L.A. We were going to go yesterday but with all of the activity following the earthquake we never made it.
  • tonight we are headed to cheesecake factory to meet up with some friends..

    yay for cheap cheesecake! LOL

  • We will be there too! ^
  • Somehow, dealing w/ Cheesecake Factory tonight when it's sure to be busy for a weeknight doesn't sound appealing. Plus the $1.50 cheesecake is for dine-in guests only so they're really still making their money off of you regardless of cheap cheesecake. :)

    If we do a gtg that's not at a restaurant, I'll have DH make cheesecake. :) The chocolate truffle cheesecake he makes is divine and always gets rave reviews.

  • Blairie- I was going to ask if the cheese cake deal was for dine in only. Darn!

    Becki- Have fun at the Mission Inn

    Kristy- one of those phone calls better be coming my way

    Jen and Kat- Hope you feel better


    As for us, no plans tonight. Probably clean, work on the garden and catch up on Wipeout

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  • Robyn-what else do you have in your garden? My mom just got some beautiful hibiscus at Wal-Mart. I think I am going to get some to plant tonight.

    Other than that, another class, I am teaching tonight, another last class, so I am once again, baking cookies.

  • It's still a lot of dirt, but I bought a couple of flowering annuals to add to the vegetables. I hadn't wanted to put in anything that expensive because we hadn't wanted to stay there very long but plans have kinda changed. So I might add more long term plants now. I really want some Lavendar and I would love a Hibiscus too!
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