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About Bridezilla....

The air dates as of now are October 19th and the 26th. (on WE TV)They say they are subject to change...but we don't think that'll happen. I've been thinking about having a viewing party...wouldn't that be fun?? Do any of you think you'd actually come if I had one? I'll sign autographs if you do! (I'm completely kidding!) We will be two episodes and I think we are the finale'.

It's funny because reality TV is totally NOT reality... lets say Brian said he was going to wear a hat in the wedding (this is just an example) and I know he not serious so I simply roll my eyes. the producer might be like "Ok Brian say it again, Cari you roll your eyes but say how it makes you feel or say 'Oh no you aren't!" and so we'd do it or when it rained he came up and said "cari how does the rain on your wedding day make you feel?" and I wanted so bad to say "It makes me feel like I don't wanna be asked questions about it" so he didn't really TELL me WHAT TO SAY....moreso just told me to be more vocal.

I do hope they put one part in... my mom and I were riding in the car (my mom in notorious in our family for being an awful driver) and she pulled out in front of someone and gave us all a heart attack and I said "Oh my goodness woman...if you kill me 3 days before my weeding I WILL come back and haunt you in my wedding dress!" It was a complete joke (and we all laughed...which I'm sure will be cropped!) but the producer loved it b/c it was a "bridezilla mind frame" .... whatever that means!

so again I plead of you all not to take it serious and not to believe I am really like that. It will be cut and cropped and rearranged and some of it was "done up" a little too. but all the things you see going wrong were 100% real! we did not fake anything in it I swear....other than maybe saying something smart-a$$, nothing else was "put-on" (the situations I mean....they were all real)

Also I know a big part of what they are going to do is "Is it country chic or redneck?" b.c my wedding was simple but VERY chic and the simplicity of it had everyone calling it redneck (reception in a barn) "here Cari, use this, it goes with the whole redneck theme" and I'd say, "It's not redneck, it's country-chic!" so he said they'd likely play on the time before the wedding as "will it work out for Cari to be country chic or be a redneck disaster?" it should be funny too. but you southerners don't turned out very chic and I tried to represent the south as very southern and hospitable...not 'redneck' I hope they don't crop it to be redneck b/c I really tried to show us (all of us in the south) as the respectful, classy southern people we are and not as country bumpkin, ignorant hicks....

eek! can't wait! so nervous, excited and ready to see it!

Re: About Bridezilla....

  • haha that is the coolest thing though that you're going to be on Bridezillas.  Watching that show you can tell a lot of it is forced/unnatural/egged on by the producers because some of the women on it aren't very good actresses haha.

     I'd definitely go to a viewing party if my schedule allows!  I just figured you'd already have plans with friends/family to watch it but if you have a viewing party and invite nesties, I think it sounds like a blast!

  • It will be fun to watch! I would be so nervous if I were you. However, one can tell that some of the reactions are "forced" by producers, so no worries
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