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Today's Question: 5/21

Since yesterday was in honor of our favorite alcoholic drinks...

What are your best hangover cures?

What's your favorite cure for the morning-after blues?  Do you have a favorite food?  Medicine?  Exercise?



 For me, it's Alka Seltzer morning relief. It's sometimes hard to find. The box looks like this:



or this:


If I've had more than 2 drinks (or just 2 strong drinks) I always take one as soon as I get home before bed, then keep it near my nightstand in case I wake up in the middle of the night.  

I should add I have a VERY weak stomach and get hangovers super easy.  I've had a hangover from one glass of wine before.... SOOO I'm extra cautious.


Re: Today's Question: 5/21

  • Ok, I know this may sound a little crazy and weird, but I SWEAR if I eat cheese before I go to bed after a night out, I feel completely fine the next morning! I don't know why but it's just something I caught onto in college, and it seriously works!!!
  • Taco Bell (I think it's the cheese thing).  Always worked in college.  Also, lots and lots of water.  I kind of refuse to move until I've gotten over it.  I don't take Advil the night before because of the liver thing, but I will take it when I first wake up to help mitigate things.
  • I drink lots of water before bed.

    If the next morning, I am hungover, then I will eat crackers and drink water.

  • 2 bottles of water (@ least 1 before I go to sleep), pancakes in the a.m. and just taking it slow the next morning. It's actually rare for me to have a hangover (gotta be the Irish/German genes)  but when it happens, as long as I don't try to run around like a crazy person the next day it doesn't take me long to recover.

    Big Smile
  • Not sure if you have these where you are but RUSH'S Cheeseburgers are the BEST for hangovers....something to do w/ the grease :) Ha ha ha
  • Lots of water before I go to bed does the trick for me.
  • Asprin.

    For any sort of headache it always worked best for me.

    I can't remember what I did the last time I had one.  Heck, I can't even remember the last time I had one.  I'm smart enough now to stop after one or two margaritas.

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