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For those interested- my birth story from thenestbaby

I will give a shortened birth story. This was 2nd DC and with 1st DC I was 8 days early, I was laboring at home the whole weekend before and I pushed for about 4 hours or so... And was EXHAUSTED once i had her... I had black and blue eyes, my face was all swollen from pushing.

WITH THIS baby it has been a DREAM!!!!!!!!!!! A total dream. I was due 7/24/08 and the day came and left with what seemed to be no end in sight. I had an appt scheduled for mon July 28th to schedule induction. I was working all last week because i felt so great and had no signs of nearby labor. On Sat July 26th, I awoke with what seemed to be some contractions about 10 mins apart but with no rhythm... My DH was working all day so I called him to tell him I was having some but that I must be dehydrated because there was no pattern. I went on with my morning but I got this intense URGE to scrub my floors, scrub my bathtub, and scrub my toilets- it was BIZARRE! I never had this with 1st DC. So I finished all that up and decided to meet DH for lunch... When i met him he said "how ya feeling" i said fine, still the same. So I decided to go shopping for a tankini bathing suit for post-baby. I was walking around some stores and got in the car and texted my DH to say you know? These seem to be now 5 or 6 mins apart. So I head home. It is now around 3pm. I get DD in the house and I decide i am not feelin too hot and lay on couch for a few mins... Well I lay down and I feel this *POP* and my water breaks everywhere (water never broke with 1st). I call DH and tell him I need him to come home i am in labor... he is a police officer and it is only him and 1 other guy on so he has to call in emergency relief... Meanwhile my contractions go to 4mins apart. DH gets home we pack up car with DD and MIL to meet us at hospital to take DD. There is a TON of traffic on the way, my contractions go to 3 mins and then 2 mins apart. I am trying to breath through each one. It was SOOOOO hard. We get there, MIL thought we had to pull to side of road and deliver since it took us sooo long.. I get in wheelchair, get up to L&D... nurse says "Are you sure your water broke??" I am like, "YESSSSSSSSSS!" She says "well, let me just check you see where you are at" She puts gloves on and then her eyes bulge and she pushed red button and yells we need HELP in here!!! She is 8cm and almost ready to deliver. I couldnt believe it! At my last OB appt that week I was only 1 cm... I figured i was not getting an epidural... but they assured me I could if i got 1 bag of fluid into my system.... So sure enough i did and the epidural was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It definitely slowed me down though. I was 9 cm at 6pm and then complete at 7:45 or so.... I did not feel a THING! By 8:00pm i was pushing and by 8:19pm we had KJ who was 7lbs 13oz and 21 inches long!!! He had to be delivered via Vacuum assistance because he went into distress at last minute.. his HR was dippin into the 50's... His cord was wrapped around his neck twice and his body... He ended up doing fine with apgars of 8 and 9. I had 2nd degree tears because of the fastness of the delivery and i had a cervical injury.. BUT we are doing fabulous and I looked like i had never even pushed a baby out after i had him... I am guessing that 2nd time around truly is easier and thats why i had such a positive experience!!!!!!!! It was the best! GOOD LUCK ALL OF YOU JULY MOMMIES that are left!!!!!!!!!

~Kath~ Proud Mommy to Kailyn Marie (8-16-05) & KJ (7-26-08) Lilypie Third Birthday tickers Lilypie Kids Birthday tickersimageLilypie Pregnancy tickershref="" target="_blank">Photobucket

Re: For those interested- my birth story from thenestbaby

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