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Good Morning (tues)

How is everyone doing? Any plans for tonight?

Re: Good Morning (tues)

  • Morning! No plans whatsoever for tonight. It looks like Isabel caught a little cold so I will just be wiping runny noses and making bland foods.
  • I'm good, just tired. Chasing after an (almost) running toddler all evening is such a workout! He has a new trick. He finds change around the house and takes it to this sparkletts jug where we throw all the change. We never taught him how to do this, he would just watch us, so now he copies. It's the cutest thing!

     Tonight I have class, yippeeee!


    I think I am going to spend today modifying my blog.

  • Hi! Tonight just watching more of Shark Week and possibly an attempt at real cooking.
  • Morning.

    Tonight I teach. It is our last class, so I said I would make them cookies.

  • Morning! I couldn't sleep last night so I'm exhausted. My brain won't stop

    Hope Izzy feels better.

    Yay for Eric. Maybe he could teach G how to put his change in the change jar too!

    Have fun making cookies!

  • Morning, I have a ton of work to do. I'm avoiding it for now, but will be diving into it in a minute. Tonight I'm heading over to the lovely community college to meet with my crapp-I mean fantastic counselor to discuss my future.
  • Val-That is too cute. What a great kid.

    Kat-So sorry Izzy is sick. I know all to well how she feels. Hope she is better soon.

    Becki-Whatcha gonna cook? ;)

  • Kristy, when are you doing the gender u/s? Shouldn't it be coming up?
  • Yeah Kristy I was wondering the same thing. When is the big reveal?

  • My big u/s is tomorrow at 315. I can't wait. To say I am excited is an understatement. I am so tired of calling it "it". I can't wait to say he or she....
  • Ooo, how exciting. Now we need another "guess the sex" post.
  • Tomorrow? It's tomorrow and you haven't AW'd this info yet. Geez woman. Oooo how exciting!
  • Everybody has been asking me a thousand times I guess I thought I had said something. Oops. Well now you just don't have to wait as long. :)
  • tomorrow?!?!?! I'm calling you between 4:30-5!!
  • Seriously kristy how you dare you forget to tell us!!
  • I feel verbally spanked. Sorry guys. :( Please forgive me. Take this cookie as a piece offering. :)



  • Darn you. That cookie looks yummy. And I refuse to bake when it's this hot outside. :(
  • oooohhh that was wrong wrong wrong kristy!!! How I am suppose to last the rest of the day just thinking about that cookie??? mmmm I can just smelled it !!
  • hold the key to my stomach : ) Forgiven!
  • Umm...can I have oatmeal raisin instead.
  • For you Amy....anything.

    And since you're eating for two...I will give you more than one.


  • Good morning! I think DH and I might head down to the Grove/Farmer's Market today. We've been feeling restless lately so I think a day trip is in order.
  • OOooo I haven't been to a farmer's market in forever. Used to love it. Have fun!

    Thanks K, nom nom

  • Kristy - how exciting!! Cant wait to hear what it is. 

    I'll go ahead and give an AW in advance for those who are interested- my appt is next Friday :) As for the cooking, I got lazy. Now Its just pasta, salad, and garlic bread. Just semi-cooking tonight.

  • Sounds good to me. :)
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