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ugh, it banned me again, earlier and i couldn't get on here!  what is going on!  I just wanted to tell you that I saw Dr. McBride last night and she recommended Melissa Johnson to me. She said that was her PCP and she's known her since college.  There are 2 men in the practice as well, if your DH wants to go to a guy.  So, i think we'll use her.  It's closer to home, as well.... I don't really need to go to anyone now, but I'll call her when we need someone.

Just wanted to let you know!

****My boys....****


  • That's good to hear.  I will probably switch to her as well.  DH sees a doc over off of Big Bend and Sylvan Springs (I think).
  • *butting in*


    Someone has a PCP they like?

    I've been on the quest for a PCP/Family Doctor that isn't a complete moron or jerk for at least 5 years now and just have NOT been successful.

     Where is this doc located?

    I'd really like someone associated w/St. Johns since we're likely moving to the Hazelwood area next year and my son will be having lots of stuff done related to St. John's even after he gets out of the hospital. But even S. County would be alright since it's not a far drive and right now is in between.


  • Dr.Johnson is at 141 and Gravois about 15m from my house.  It might be a drive for you from Hazelwood.  I also don't think she is associated with St.John's.  I know they are on staff at St.Anthony's.

     You might want to look into Sarah Cole on Olive though.  I know she is on staff at John's.  I knew her when she was a resident and really liked her then.

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