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If you think that YOU'RE sick of hearing about swine flu

try working in a health department right now.

The phones are going crazy, the media is going crazy, all of the upper management people have been in constant meetings today about it (for once, a reason that I'm glad that I'm not upper managment). 

It's ridiculous.  Is it a big deal?  Yes, in the sense that it's a pandemic that we don't know much about yet.  Do you need to quarantine yourself in your house and throw bleach on everything that you own?  No.  Can you still eat at Taco Bell?  Yes.  Are we all going to die?  Yes, but not because of the H1N1 virus.

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Re: If you think that YOU'RE sick of hearing about swine flu

  • Yep our phones here in the Respiratory dept. have not stopped ringing. Man my effing head hurts from all of this.

  • I work in business continuity for my offices...and I'm quite tired of it myself!
  • What amazes me is that there is not this much panic ever about the regular flu which kills what, 15,000 people a year?
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  • My friends mom is a nurse and she told us yesterday how a man came in the hospital asking for those little masks you put over your mouth...u know what im talking about?

    She said the man was freaked out because he had gone to several stores and the people at the stores told him they had been wiped out the shelves by managment and no one would sell him any. 

    So my friends mom started freaking out because paprently the hospital told all employees they CAN NOT BY ANY MEANS GIVE ANY OF THESE MASKS TO ANYONE! they cant even take any home...

    weird huh?

    she was freaking out because she didnt understand why they were beinga ll weird about these mask thingies... 

  • so in ( i re read my post) everyone is FREAKING OUT! lol

    including me! this is starting to get scary! 

    the nurse was told to tell the man to prepare for the worst. be freaked out if someone in a hospital told me this!

  • Yep, I work in a hospital.  Our mask supply is dwindling, for health care providers, ya know, the people who will actually be HELPING these sick people!  But non-health care providers are freaking out and trying to buy them all up, so that is probably why they couldn't give any out.

    And they are saying that the masks won't help anyway because they become wet from moister in your breath and then just a breeding ground for germs.

    People just need to chill the fuuck out.

    Oh-and our ER had record numbers last night.

  • image Geek_Girl:
    What amazes me is that there is not this much panic ever about the regular flu which kills what, 15,000 people a year?

    According to the news this morning, the regular flu kills 36,000 people a year.

    And, on a fun note, I will be doing an externship this summer as part of my Medical Assistant degree program. I'm pretty much guaranteed to be working in a Family Practice office somewhere. Should be fun, as I expect the pandemic panic to be absolutely nuts at that point.

  • We (that is the country of NZ on our nightly news) got told that the masks are basically a psycohological thing and of very little real use.
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