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c25k graduates...advice needed

Tomorrow is my first 20 minute run. YIKES! 8 was relatively easy except that I am running right after work when it is 85 degrees outside. UGH!

Any tips for how to get through the 20 minute run? I know my body can do it, but I am worried my mind will let me down.

For what it is worth, I don't have an ipod or mp3 (but I run with a buddy to help the time pass) so good music or podcasts won't work for me :o)

Re: c25k graduates...advice needed

  • i tried to get myself really excited about it all day, i kept telling myself how great it would feel to run for 20 minutes, and how awesome it is that i could do that... i think hyping myself up all day really worked, i made it no problem and i was a bit worried about it when i saw it on the schedule too!
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  • Come up with a mantra to say to yourself when you want to quit.

    I find things like:

    This is when I get stronger.

    If I stop, I have to start all over and throw away this hard work.

    Just keep swimming... (like from Nemo)

    Those help... when I start thinking negatively, I combat it with a positive. Even the same positive, over and over .Try not to look at your watch for as long as you can bear, and slow your pace down a bit so it's very easy at the start.

  • If you have a buddy to talk to, that will help a lot.

    Like the others said, just focus on the positive.  Think about how proud you'll be of yourself when you make it through those 20 minutes, and how good you'll feel.  If it's a beautiful day out, look at the scenery to try to distract yourself.

    I like the mantra thing too.  One that I use sometimes is "I run strong, so I can run long"  Kind of silly, but it works for me :)

    Good luck, you'll do great!

  • You can do it!!! Here's my advice:

    1. Slow down!!!

    2. Think positive thoughts, you CAN do this!

    3. It wouldn't be in the schedule if you weren't ready for it

    4. Tell your friend that you want to keep going before you start out, that way you can both help eachother keep moving through the 20 minutes

  • I like making small goals when running.... to the next telephone pole...the end of this block....past that big tree...pretty soon 20 minutes will be gone before you know it! :)
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