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Do you mind if I start another good news post?

I haven't had any in a while so this feels great to me.

1. We have some progress albeit minimal in getting free from our house here in Ireland!

2. DH's parents have planted fruit trees and rose bushes and levelled the garden/put down grass seed around our house as a surprise for me. (DH knows how much I wanted fruit trees and roses) Yay - I can't wait to visit in July.....and

3. We booked our tickets for our summer trip to Romania where we're going to be godparents at a wedding.

 oh and.......

4. I got the best package from a friend in the US with so many cute and lovely things that just brightened up my day/week.

Re: Do you mind if I start another good news post?

  • That's great news, LoopyNoodle!  Enjoy.

    Leaving with DH for a 4 day trip to Prague tomorrow morning.  Very excited since it will be our first time seeing this city.

    Going out to dinner tonight with DH and his work colleagues at one of our fave restaurants.  Get to dress up, yay!

  • My husband has a four day weekend! We are going to spend a few days in Seoul. On Sunday we are meeting a doggie we home to adopt.


    That's her if anyone wants to take a look. 

  • This is a great idea! DH also has a four day weekend :) W pulled up on his walker today and walked by pushing it - though I'm not sure if this is exactly good news! :)
    Mum to W (4) and M (nearly 2)
  • image irishbride1007:

    My husband has a four day weekend! We are going to spend a few days in Seoul. On Sunday we are meeting a doggie we home to adopt.


    That's her if anyone wants to take a look. 


    She is adorable!

  • great news, everyone!

    My good news is it's officially the weekend for me! Gotta love those commie holidays :-)


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  • Yay for good news!

    I'm getting a haircut today.
    I'm going out for steak tonight.
    My baby furniture is almost all shipped so should be at my relative's house in time to be picked up for shipping over here.
    We had some sunshine today.
    My kitchen is now back in order and everything works properly and doesn't leak.

  • lelialelia member
    Ninth Anniversary

    1. Tomorrow is a holiday and I?m looking forward to getting stuff done around the house and yard.

    2. I got some nice plants at the home diy place

    3. I have done some work today,ie I?ve been productive!

    mc: 5w3d 11/11/07 missed mc: 7w or 8w, d/c @11w 4/16/08 mc: 6wks 12/24/08 Pregnancy Ticker
  • wow what GREAT news loopy!

    and irishbride that puppy is SOOOOOOOOOOO cute - I'm jealous:)


    my good news - I'm looking forward to seeing friends this weekend we haven't seen in ages and I'm starting to do well at work and I feel good about that:)

  • Irish- that is the cutest doggie ever!?

    Good news: I got a second job offer today. I guess the less good news is now I have to decide which job to accept. ?

  • aww, what a cute pup!!

    i have the same good news as the other day: BFF comes to visit tomorrow!!

  • loopy- do u know what kind of fruit trees they planted? i would love to have fruit trees one day, too. banana, lemon, and apple. or heck, anything :)
  • the usuals around that area are cherry, lemon, apple and other types of berry trees so I'm guessing them. Right now they're just baby trees but I can't wait to see them grow.

    If we move there we're going to grow vines/grapes but only when we're there full time to look after them.

  • MIL is going to watch the dog and we are taking a mini-break to the lake district this weekend.

    I got an unexpected scan and while it looks like a donut, everything is going well and I'm in for another scan next week!

    ?Transatlantic Blonde?
    it's called a kilt, he's scottish
  • Everyone has such great news to share!

    My good news is that the baby has dropped, so we're making progress :-) And that I don't have to go out for groceries today by myself because I actually have a well-stocked fridge now. I'll get DH to go with me tomorrow instead - I can't be trusted walking into town and back on my own anymore...

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