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Update on us

Hello Ladies,

Sorry that I have not been around much I have been so busy with finding a job going, on interviews so that I will have something when I get back from mat leave. I finaly found one that was perferct for me.  When I get back from my mat leave I will work two days a week in May, Three days in June and then full time from July on.  I really like the office that I am going to working for.  There will be two of us, and two dentist.  I have never worked for two dentist at the same time.  Plus this office does sedation dentristry, we are the no.1 office in the lower mainland for sedation dentristy so it will be a bit diffrent dealing with these patients.  I am nervous about leaving Logan but he will be with my mom as well as going to daycare at one of my very best friends.  She is opening up a daycare in Sept(she is still on mat leave) but doing us a favor.

 Other than that, Logan is doing well.  He finally cut his first tooth, it only took 10 months. He is trying to figure out the walking thing,he loves to walk around the furniture.  He will do this for a very long time.  We are in the midst of sleep training, he has no problem with naps I put him down sometimes he will go down right away other times he will play then fall asleep. Bed time another story, he goes down all right but was getting up at 1:30am wanting to come to bed with us.  We were allowing it, letting him fall back asleep but when he was brought back to his crib hour later wakes up again.  He was doing this three four times a night.  It was heartbreaking the first few nights but its getting better.  It has to be done specially with me going back to work. We are starting to plan his first birthday party, I can not believe that my little baby will be 1 in June.

I also found out that my in-laws from Nova Scotia will be coming for a visit June 11 till the 30.  They have yet to meet Logan, so it will be nice.  We have not seen them in almost three years. I am a little bit upset that it has taken them so long but however they did not meet my niece till she was almost 5. They are very excited that they will be here for his first bithday, as well my SIL,niece and I have a few year end shows will they are here to so they will finaly get to see us dance.

Hope you all all doing well, I am now catching up on post miss you all.

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Re: Update on us

  • Hi there!

    Glad to hear you found a job that is willing to be so flexible with the schedule with you.  That's lucky.  Also it will be nice for Logan to finally meet your IL's.

    I'm glad everything seems to be going well for you!

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  • Congratulations on the new job! That's fabulous, and great that it will be a transition when you start too.

    My best friend did sleep training with her daughter, and she said it was really hard on her, but she had excellent results and recommends it to everyone. Good luck!


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  • yay! congrats on the job!

    I can't believe how quickly Logan has grown up. Feels like yesterday that you were overdue and waiting for him...

  • That?s great news Angela!


    Congratulations on the job! I think it?s very nice that your ILS are going to meet Logan and be here for his first B-day! Wow time flies by, huh?

    It?s good news all around?which is nice to hear.

  • Logan is freaking adorable.
  • Thanks for the update Angela!! Yay for finding a new office and that sounds like the perfect way to ease you back into work, what a great schedule!!!

    That'll be nice for Logan to have his other grandparents out in June for his bday; I know it's taken them a year but it's a big milestone birthday so at least they can be here for that and enjoy him for a few weeks :) Hope you are feeling all better after the surgery!

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