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Whatever happened to jobs that...

... you apply for and get based on your credentials and experience?

I was wait-listed for classes this summer, but seeing as how they start on monday, I'm thinking it's a no-go.  So I started applying for summer jobs.  I am here to vent on 2 fronts - 1, my dad is a lazy b!tch.  2 - how is it that jobs are given out based on a lotto now?!  W.T.F.

So, I'm started with 2 - I checked out the government job bank, since it's the biggest.  I found a ton I'm qualifed for and was just ready to apply for pretty much anything (my only criteria was location, must be accessible by public transport).  So I get ready to apply for them, only to find out that jobs are given out by random draw.  Seriously?!  Seriously.  They take a bunch of names according to experience and where you're at in school (1st year, 2nd, etc.) then do a lotto to hand out the jobs.  I feel like I have better chances doing an interview and presenting my experience personally.  *Insert angry growling sounds here.*

Now, 1 - I did find a few that aren't lotto-based, a very few. One would be ideal.  It's office work and it's down the street from my house.  Not even 5 minutes to walk there everyday.  It also happens to be the company my dad has worked at for about 40 years.  I brought him dinner last night (while he worked the night shift) to butter him up and let him know I had applied there to work in the office.  He tells me all about how he's buddies with the personnel director and will talk to him today and so on.  Then calls me just now to ask if I want to come out for dinner and a beer.  I declined and asked if he happened to talk to the hiring guy.  Says no, and that he'll get around to it on his next shift - which is middle of next week.  I know my dad and, really, I shouldn't be surprised or even disappointed.  He won't be talking to them next week either.  *Insert more angry growling sounds here.*

I'm just venting because I hate being on the job hunt and I feel like the next round of bills is coming too soon.  I've had zero contracts for a couple of months now and nothing I'm trying is coming through.  I ran out of the tiny, little bit I had saved up.  It's really starting to discourage me...  and somehow leads to me freaking out about what is going to happen when I finally finish school, will I ever be able to find work?  I'm going to have student debt to pay off come then too.  And even worse, am I going to be stressing about this for the next year while I finish school? 

Ugh.  Anyways, just venting cause DBF is sleeping and thus can't listen to me, then tell me I'm crazy and to stop stressing.

Re: Whatever happened to jobs that...

  • Typing things out really helps you see where you fail in logic sometimes, eh? 

    I'm b!tching about the job bank not handing jobs out based on your resume & an interview, but hoping not to have to use just my resume & an interview with the other job, if my dad would only give them a little push.

    Ah, yes.  The J, being a hypocrite since 1982.

  • Looking for jobs right now seems to suck! I've never had luck with government job banks either. I've seen tons of jobs I would be perfect for, and never have any luck with them. What kind of jobs are you looking for?
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  • I have no idea what a government job bank is but if you get a job based on a lottery draw I don't think I want to know.

  • The government job bank is just a collection of jobs all over the province - everything from waitressing jobs to architect and even entry-level positions within the various government departments (God knows there's enough of 'em!).

    I applied to all the office work ones, mostly general office clerk positions or accounting departments.  I applied for a few receptionist positions, but have minimal experience doing that so I'm not hoping for much there.  I would really love getting hired for one of the few translation positions available to students, but I guess we'll see.

    I keep looking over the website to see if I'm missing something.  It just seems so ridiculous to me to hand out jobs this way.  Of course, I might be singing a different tune if I get one of these positions...

  • The government job lottery system explains so much to me..

    *banging her head on the desk*

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