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My coworker just called me fat :(

So I know I am in that awkward phase where I don't really look pg but I don't look like I normally do, but I wasn't expecting to be told I look fat today. 

I actually put in some effort today and work a really cute wrap dress and tall boots and it is the first day in weeks where I actually feel cute.  From the front I don't look pg and I (amazingly) still have a waist.  From the side, I actually have a tiny cute little bump.  I haven't gained any weight yet (I am actually still down 4 lbs from pre-pg weight).

Normally this coworker tells me how big my bump is and that she thinks I am showing early (no one else thinks this).  So today I see her and she tells me that she doesn't like my dress because it doesn't make me look pg it just makes me look fat.

My response?  I gave her the finger and walked away.

Also, she looks like Halle Berry.  So that helps.

Re: My coworker just called me fat :(

  • Why don't people understand if you have nothing nice to say, just say nothing?

    I'm jealous that you still have your waist!  I haven't gained anything either, but have lost the waist I once I had - or it's not as noticeable anymore!

    I'm sure you look very cute!

  • Ugh, that's so uncalled for.  I do love your response though.  I'm sure you look fabulous and she's just jealous of your cute bump!
  • CBLCBL member
    That calls for a throat punch.  I'm sure you look great!!
  • WTF, who the heck says something like that to a pg girl? I would have punched her in the face. I am sure you look very cute!!! I don't know why people feel the need to offer such comments.

    Ok, I seriously can't believe you are still down 4lbs!! I am already up 8.5 lbs from my pre pg weight. I am jealous!

  • That is so rude. Why is it that people think that it is ok to make comments like that to pg people. I especially love the "how much weight have you gained?" or my most recent favorite "are you packing on the pounds?"
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  • totally uncalled for, I would have karate chopped her to the treachea, people just seem to have all the comments in the world when it comes toa pregnant lady! I bet you looked adorable.
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  • I would have told her she looks and sounds like a b!tch.  What a terrible thing for her to say!  I sincerely doubt you look fat. 
  • Thanks girls, you make me feel much better.  If I had a camera with me I would take a picture to show you.  That is how confident I am/was in how cute I look today.  I was strutting around the house for Curtis this morning because I felt good about myself and then I get to work and she makes me feel like poop.


    Ok, I seriously can't believe you are still down 4lbs!! I am already up 8.5 lbs from my pre pg weight. I am jealous!

    I am not quite sure how I am still down.  I seemed to drop 6 lbs right after finding out and just recently started to put some of it back on. 

  • What a stupid b1tch!  Good for you for giving her the finger.  I don't think I'd have the balls for that.
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  • Argh people make me so angry, obviosuly she has no children and doesn't understand how hurtful a comment like that can be to an already emotional pregnant woman.  My co-workers are super and always tell me I look great and that I am rocking the pregnancy look no matter how awful I feel, you should come work with me!
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  • Seriously? OMG how incredibly rude of her. What a biatch.
  • PG or not ? you don?t tell another girl that she looks fat when you look like [in your words] Halle Berry! Or you don?t tell another girl that she looks fat ? Period! BUT especially when you?re PG?


    Good for you for telling her where to go!


    The sad thing I can hear her now ?geezzee, I was just trying to help, moody much?? aaaaannndddd then like PP said a punch to the throat!

  • Obviously she is a lame-bot. I like your reaction Katie!!!!
  • I woulda punched her right in the babymaker...

    Her comment sucks. I don't like this Halle Berry wannabe very much right now.

    I like your response AND I bet you look beautiful.

  • effing cow.


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