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Best Pregnancy Advice Ever

Please share. 

I think I got my winner already from my parents who were visiting.  This morning in the car, my dad said something was odd and the wording didn't even sound like him (older Chinese man). 

Dad: "The last three months, you need to decrease your sexual activity"
me: "What? Can you repeat that?"  (I was sure I misheard).
Dad: "The last three months, you need to decrease your sexual activity.  It may cause a miscarriage. Don't forget to tell your DH.  Someone needs to control it."


Running outside...



Re: Best Pregnancy Advice Ever

  • Your dad is wrong!   :)  

    I'm not sure if I've gotten any funny pregnancy advice.   I've gotten the "get your sleep now" and "you'll never be able to cough without peeing yourself again" nuggets of wisdom though. 


  • I really haven't gotten that many with this one or DD.  There was my SIL who has no children and no experience with child.  She sent me parenting articles and repeated to me lectures she had sat through in her child development classes.  She was going for her OT license.

    With this pg my MIL told my DH to tell me that now is the time to diet and lose weight.  Because it isn't just about me anymore, I have to think of the baby.  Yup, she's mean and ignorant.

  • My Mom told me to take a lot of belly shots because "it's good to have a record of that". The only reason she said that is when she was carrying my sister and I she was as wide as she is tall--she used the picture to make us feel bad. lol. I didn't take any belly shots with DD and won't with DS.
  • sex in the last 3 months of pregnancy do not = a miscarriage. maybe he meant in the beginning? that would make a little more sense but still only depends on if your a high risk. if not then sex is fine throughout your pregnancy.
  • Best pg advice I got was when DS1 was late arriving. DS1 was pushing three weeks late and my OP looked at exh and said "go home have sex with your wife so we can get this kid out".
  • I didn't get any advice this time around and I can't remember anything noteworthy when I was pg with dd.

    All I can say is I have no real desire for sex at this point. ?I know it would help my cervix and I need that connection with DH(no sex for 4-6 weeks after baby is born) but I just can't be bothered. ?sigh...I am sooooo over being pregnant.

  • I think at 8 or 9 months I won't want any.  And, I don't believe a word of what my dad says either. 

    Running outside...


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