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Mega Millions is $220 million

Anyone thinking about buying a ticket?  I sure am!

If you won that what would you do with the money?

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Re: Mega Millions is $220 million

  • Get an attorney and financial planner to figure how how fast I could quit my job.

    Pay off house and car.  Fix up house.  Travel.  Invest. Charity.

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  • That must mean I didn't win last night.  Boo.

    I don't have a clue what I would do.

  • I rarely ever play the Lotto, but I just may now!  If I won, I would: 

    Find a trustworth lawer and financial advisor 

    pay off the house, have my sister move in while DH, DD and I move out into a bigger place, but yet not too lavish.

    Pay off my parents house  

    Pay off my car and credit card debt

    Pay off DH, sister and my student loans

    buy DH a new car (since his is about to die any time now)

    not have to worry about finding a job and I would do a lot of volunteer work insteat

     lots of charity donations 

    invest for DD's education

    Maybe set up a scholarship fund for a local school.

    I would also be very cautious of NOT blowing it all and where it goes.

  • I've always wanted to buy a lotto ticket and never have.  When do you have to buy one by to participate?

    I would pay off student loans and house and take many a trip with friends and family.  I'd also buy some land and start a dog rescue.

  • I'm SOOO gonna buy a ticket!  I never win anything, but hey, it's worth a shot right?  I'd do the same thing as KerCo - hire a financial planner and figure out how fast I can quit my job.  We'd for sure pay off our house and cars, and then help pay our parents' debt too. 
  • We buy 8 tickets every Tuesday and Friday that it is over $100 million.

    I usually get a couple of bucks every week for winning a number or two.

    We would pay off everything....take care of grandparents and parents.  Set up funds for all 10 nieces and nephews. 

     I would love to be able to help strangers out here and there...for example, go to a restaurant and tell the waitress we are picking up all the tabs of everyone inside right now.  Or slip someone who could use it a few larger bills, etc. (Kind of like "secret millionaire")...I think that is what the show was called...

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