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Mother is frustrating the h*ll out of me


So my mother is convinced that the average salary in the UK is the exact same number as an average salary in the States. ( ie: 60,000 dollars average salary in the States is equivalent to an average salary of 60,000 pounds in the UK )

My aunt works as a vice principle in the states and makes 100K ( dollars ) a year. She wants to do the same job in the UK, and my mother has basically called me an idiot because I told her the average salary for that job in the UK is between 50-65,000 pounds - which is an excellent salary here from what I understand.

However, my mother, who has never lived outside of her home country, worked in the UK or been here other than a tourist obviously knows better.



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Re: Mother is frustrating the h*ll out of me

  • Haha!  My mom is like that too- she tells me places to go visit in China and how the Chinese people act, even though she's only left the US to go to Canada... but in her defense, she watches a lot of Travel and Discovery Channel Wink

    Just try and let it go.  Tell your Aunt to do her own research and she'll figure out which one of you is right!

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  • I have found that a lot of people do not understand currencies. I'm sure your aunt will figure it out pretty quickly that she won't be making 100k pounds per year as a deputy head in a school :)

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  • Mothers always know best, don't they? Wink

    In all seriousness, I'm sure your aunt will figure it out when she starts to actually look and apply for similar positions in the UK. I would just ignore your mom, in the 'smile and nod' manner one also uses with little kids. She doesn't know any better, and I'm sure she means well...

  • Your aunt is in for a bit of a shock, isn't she?
  • It was more how she said it, not what she said. Something along the lines of: That is ridiculous. Nobody with a masters degree would work for less than 100K, it would just not be worth it.

    and no, my mother does not have a masters degree. She just idolizes it. Apparently a masters degree is the end all be all of the universe.?

  • Tofu - you've had a name change!

    And yep, you're aunt will get the right steer as soon as she checks the job adverts. Smile and nod, smile and nod. You know you're right.

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