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We are so happy that we got the tubes for Josh he is doing so much better now and hasn't had an ear infection since October when they were put in.  When he gets a cold he wakes up with goo in his ears because the tubes are allowing them to drain properly.  He still gets cold but they don't last as long, nor are they as severe as they were before.  Joshua had about 4 or 5 (essentially it was just one that wouldn't clear up) ear infections before we got referred to the ENT specialist.  We were referred to the specialist in about May, but didn't get into see her until July, since we had finally got them to clear up she didn't want to act until he had another one (if he got another one).  He ended up with another infection in about August so we went back to our doctor for an Rx while we waited to get in with the specialist who said it was time and a month later his tubes were put in. 

He handled the surgery really well and after a long nap when we got home was back to his normal happy self that day.

Hopefully this does the trick for you, its sounds like your paeditrician is handling everything well though.

Proud Mama to two sweet kiddos.

Re: OnCloud999

  • That's great that Joshua is doing so well. Thanks for the info. I want to be prepared if that's where things are going and want to be agressive since my nephew had 10+ infections before the doctor was willing to act, and I don't want to be in the same situation. It's good to hear success stories. My nephew too is doing really well since he got his tubes.
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