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Crappy Queen's Day. :(

So it got me, too. I spent half of Tuesday and all of Wednesday in bed. Well, other than getting the husband out the door and making some half-a$$ attempt at feeding the child (it seemed like a good idea at the time to make bow-tie pasta and scrambled eggs. poor kid.). Thank goodness it is vacation time and no school run.

Being sick sucks. Being sick on Queen's Day is even worse because now you feel EXTRA guilty that no one is going out and doing things because of you. Blah. So no walks, no carnival rides, no checking out the flea markets, no buying useless crap and bringing it home, no street parties, no fresh sausages from the scary-probably-totally-unhygienic street vendors....  Crying

All I can say is thank goodness my brother smuggled a box of day-quil tabs and 2 bottles of cherry-flavored nyquil in for me as a gift. Sometimes drug running is a good thing. I should be much better by tomorrow.

Re: Crappy Queen's Day. :(

  • OMG..... So I just got the paper and found out about that "accident" this afternoon in Appeldorn. So now I feel all guilty about grumbling about being sick when some wacko apparently tried to ram the royal family's bus and ended up injuring about a dozen people and killing either 2 or 4 people (different reports have different numbers). Man, my problems seem very petty compared to life in general....

  • Sorry to hear you're having a bad day. Rest up and get better for the next celebration!
  • I saw that on the news here this morning, so its probably a good thing you did not go.
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  • We heard about the accident pretty much right after it happens - the internet is such an amazing thing! Pretty strange, if you ask me....and of course people are crying 'terrorist attack' already. Blegh. I think this is one reason I'm happy not to be in NL anymore - the stupid 'blame everything on Islam and the muslims' mentality of the average Dutch person.

    I'm sorry you're not feeling well! Did the DH and DD not want to go out for a bit without you? On the upside, Koninginnedag is usually a bit overrated anyway, except for the food, of course.. I think recovering from your illness is more important than buying junk at the flea market anyway. And there's always next year, assuming you're still in NL.

  • That is so strange, not one person here on the news or otherwise said terrorist. They were quick to say the driver was Dutch, and there was no note and he appeared (due to his crappy timing) to be working alone. Haven't flipped on the news this morning- not that I would understand most of it- so don't know if that is the newest thingie. We missed the official statement last night- for once the TV was off nearly all day.

    And yes, there is always next year. And the year after. I moved her permanently- the husband is a native, we bought a house, and the child has settled into life here- so why move? I mean, we can't predict the future- who knows if we will retire to a castle in France someday? Ha ha ha.....

    But I am glad I stayed in out of the sun. I went out on the deck for a bit in the fresh air (fresh air is always good) but because I was home and took it easy, got plenty of fluids, etc, I feel almost normal today. I think one more quiet day in and I should be as right as rain. Hooray!

  • Yay for starting to feel better!

    The terrorist comments were mainly right after it happened, before the press conferences indicated that the driver was a native (white) Dutchman. I was reading the reader responses on the Telegraaf website (gotta love trashy newspapers for amusement purposes), and since most of them are huge PVV/Geert Wilders fans, they were the first to call it a terrorist attack. Thankfully, that's not the case - it would have been horrible if it was, since so many people would feel justified in their racist beliefs.

    I'm still wondering what the driver was thinking, though. I mean, honestly, you can't expect to effectively damage the royal family/hurt any of them when you're in a Suzuki Swift attacking a city bus. I've been reading rumors that he was just laid off and probably intended the 'attack' as a partial suicide, but I'm not sure whether to believe that. He has no criminal record, and investigations of his house turned up nothing unusual. Not sure why anyone would want to attack the royal family in the first place, but that's a different story altogether. 

    I didn't realize your DH was a native. How did you two meet? 

  • I'm sorry that you had a crappy Queen's Day.  I hope you are feeling better today.  I got that funk on Quint's was not fun but it only lasted two days and then was gone as quick as it came.
  • yeah, I was thinking he was an idiot- I mean he would have, what, rear-ended the bus? so the suicide thing I can kind of see. Either way, I think it was an isolated incident and probably will never happen again. I saw this morning a 5th died. And the husband said that the first 3 hours they were concerned about terrorism but quickly ruled it out- but we had missed the first 3 hours news coverage so that explains why I never heard the terrorist thing. By then it wasn't "reportable news" anymore.

    It's interesting because on Dutch tv they showed the whole footage- bodies and everything, but on the net they cut that first second or two out. I am so used to censorship I was surprised they showed everything on national tv. yeah, I know, censorship from the land of free speech- but it's true- the news is censored in America. 

    and about hubby- we met online on a fansite. He was one of the few non-idiotic 12 year old boys and he was very witty. We chatted, became friends, swapped IM's, chatted more, got to liking each other, and his company ended up sending him on a trip to the states. He took an extra week vacation and I met up with him. Love at first IRL sight. That was nearly 3 years ago now, my how time does fly. We just got married this past March- totally newlyweds. So, internet bride.

  • YAY for nightquil - darnit I can't believe I forgot to bring some of that stuff with me

    I hope you feel better soon:)

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