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first birthday - wdyt?

We're starting to think about W's first birthday in June. My family can't afford to fly over in peak summer, and we don't really want it to be subject to MIL's whims, so it's not going to be a big family affair. We'r enot sure if we should just do a quiet family celebration with the three of us, or to invite some of the baby group I go to, or travel somewhere (and make it fun for DH and I)... I know it doesn't really matter to W, and I wouldnt' know where to draw the line in terms of which moms/babies to invite (the group can get kinda large), but it feels like we should have a proper party, you know? (I really wish I could have both sets of extended family around - that'd be perfect....) 
Mum to W (4) and M (nearly 2)

Re: first birthday - wdyt?

  • What about inviting the moms/babies group over for cake, and just have that be a short, informal get-together? That way, it will be easier to deal with a larger group of people. I'm sure the moms want to get going before naptime anyway, since no one deliberately aims for a cranky child ;-) You can have decorations up, and have W 'blow out' the candles while having everyone sing him 'happy birthday'. 

    I would supplement this with a small family 'party': just you, your DH and W. I like the idea of a short trip, maybe to a place where you can take some great first birthday photos? You could go to a nice baby-friendly restaurant for W's birthday dinner, which you and your DH could also enjoy (as far as possible with a baby in tow, of course). 

  • Whatever we did it would involve a heavily frosted cake for him to make a huge mess of and us to laugh at while taking pictures. Makes for great memories! And would be a fun picture to send home.

    If we were up for it we would have a small gathering so your idea of inviting some of the baby group over sounds great. Doesn't have to be anything big or complicated at all. I'd just want to be surrounded by people who enjoy us and our child and really were happy to see him reach his first birthday.

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