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What to do with fiancees 15 year old Russian sister for 3 weeks this summer?

His family lives in Russia & his sister is going to visit us in Chicago for 3 weeks this summer.  She speaks English well enough to have many conversations- but i'd be nervous if she had to figure out a train schedule on her own, etc in english.  She speaks fluent German & Russian.

 Of course, we work during the day M-F...  I have no idea what she'll do during the day.  I want to find a way for her to hang out with teens her age so she can practice english & have fun.... but do 15 year olds go to summer camp?  (Plus, sailing camp, etc gets too pricey for us)

 Any ideas?  TIA!

Re: What to do with fiancees 15 year old Russian sister for 3 weeks this summer?

  • Can you find her an internship or volunteer position?  I know I volunteered at a summer day camp around that age.
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    it's called a kilt, he's scottish
  • neepsneeps member
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    Where in Russia do they live? Russia has an excellent train and metro system. My guess is that she can ride trains blind-folded. I've seen 6 year old kids on the metro in Moscow (a city of more than 12 million people) by themselves. If they live in a Russian city - Russians typically think of a "small" city as about a million people - she's going to be pretty savvy and you could probably turn her loose just fine. If they live in a village then maybe your cautions might be justified.

    What does your FI say? Have you asked her what she wants to do? I highly doubt her visions of a trip to the US involve a summer camp. Any chance your FI (or she) knows another Russian American family that she could hang out with?

    I'm bi-coastal. I live on both sides of the Atlantic.</br>
  • I think you could also look into something that is a combination of what Melaina and neeps have suggested. How about a language course, to further improve her English and help her meet other teens? Or perhaps a cultural program (I know they have them in NY, so possibly Chicago does as well).

    If she's a pretty independent teen (not shy), I think you should be okay letting her explore the city on her own. Take her out the first weekend she's visiting, and explain the public transport system, get her a 3-week pass, buy her a map of the city and help her orient herself. If you can, it might be nice to buy her a guidebook, or to make a list of places you think she might enjoy visiting. It would be great if she had someone else to go exploring with, so maybe see if any friends or acquaintances are up for a day with her. And most 15 yr old girls love shopping, so be sure to tell her how to get to the best stores - I'm sure she could fill days just (window)shopping ;-)

  • yea I think the pp's have very good ideas

    I'll bet she is pretty good at public transport, and if not surely she'll be able to figure it out (if dh & I could figure out the russian system - in russian - and we do not speak ANY russian, I'm sure she could do the same with english - just match the 'letters' like symbols to know where to go, where to get off, etc)

    just give her a little cheat sheet with a number to call (you or dh) if she gets lost, and maybe your address in case she gets really lost and needs to get a cab

    I like the idea of showing her how to get to a mall - I bet she'd LOVE that!


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