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Deadliest Catch

I know it just ended and all - but how freakin sad was that episode?!?

I think I teared up more during this episode than I have in a long time. When the one survivor was talking about how he and another guy said they'd be going home to see their kids... I think my DH even teared up a little. I kept getting goosebumps.

I thought it was kind of weird that Sig didn't want to tell his crew about the boat sinking. I understand his reasoning, but it didn't really "seem" like him. And as a sidenote - I was watching cash cab last week and there were a couple of guys from Deadliest Catch in the cab. They donated their winnings to charity. It was funny to see them on a trivia show!


Re: Deadliest Catch

  • I was crying through the show. In the begining again at the end, yep I was completely in tears. Those survivors really got to me, especially the captin and that line about them seeing their kids again and when the captin started to get teary eyed. I also got goosebumps when they showed the home movies and the guys all laughing about showing this at their funerals. Man it gets me right now just thinking about it.

    I didn't really find it werid that Sig didn't tell the guys. They were on a long couple of strings and it just would have brought them down even more.

    I don't know how long  you've been watching, but do you (or anyone) remember when the Time Bandit plucked that guy out of the water? I was crying then too, and when they interviewed the lone survivor of another ship that sank. That guy, he just didn't have any life behind his eyes. I certainly hope the survivors from tonight are able to get through this.

    On a happier note, I totally missed the Deadliest Catch Cash Cab! Do you remember who it was? I also saw a couple years ago a Trading Spaces and Edgar Hanson and his wife were on the show. It was hilarious because I caught that episode within the first season they were on DC and it was just so funny to see him on dry land and just in a comfortable place, if you know what I mean. From what I remember his house was pretty nice, not overly extravagant, but nice. Oh and he acted the same way he does on the ship. haha

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  • I remember that episode when the got the one guy from the water. I was just amazed that they were even able to get him out.

    I guess the Deadliest Catch guys were in NYC for some kind of publicity event. In the first cab ride was Andy Hillstrand (Time Bandit) and Josh Harris (Cornelia Marie). Then when they dropped them off, he picked up with Hansen brothers (Northwestern). It was hysterical! They actually did really well.

  • That was so sad. :( I had to wait to watch it till DH got home. I left a few tears go and I think DH did to. I gave him a big hug and kiss and I was so happy he was there with me. The home videos really got me. I pray for the rest of the crews that they have a safe season.

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