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I can't decide whether to make cupcakes or a bigger cake. How would we decorate the cupcakes with the swirl technique we are going to learn? I've been trying to decide who to pawn the next cake off on! My SIL wants me to make a Diego cake for my neice next month....I hope I can get real good, real fast!

Re: ~*~Susan~*~

  • Ooo...the Diego cake sounds cool!  You could probably get a coloring book pic of him and then use the piping gel transfer technique like we did with the rainbow and just fill him in with stars.

    Maybe if we do the cupcakes we'll try one technique on each one.  Idk if we're doing the shells, figures, and drop flowers all on our cakes or if some are just on practice boards.  I'm thinking the shells and flowers are on the boards and we're just doing figures on the cake/cupcakes.  I want to do cupcakes, but I only have enough tins for 18 and the cake mix makes 24, so idk...i'm not sure if the batter would get bad if i left some of it sitting until 6 got done.  Or I guess i could just waste it and dump it out, but i'd feel bad doing that. 

    I'm making red velvet cake for next week.  What flavor are you doing?  Oh, and did you finish your rainbow cake?  I put pics of mine on facebook.  The clouds and writing actually turned out pretty good.  I was very excited, and the ladies at work thought it was good.  One of them has actually taken all the courses, so she showed me the pics of her cakes.    : )

    I wonder if course 3 is in september?  If it is, I definately want to take it so we can do them all back to back and get really good at this.  Are you busy this Sunday?  If not, we should practice our writing and roses.

  • I think I might just do a whilte cake this time. My rainbow cake was chocolate fudge. I finished it and Jeff took it to work. Get this, he had a potluck today that he forgot about so luckily he had the cake. The theme of the potluck was skittles (lots of color).....LOL I just find it hilarious that he took a rainbow cake. I hope all of the classes go in order so I can get them done before the baby gets here! I'm going to bake my cake on sunday night when we get home from camping.
  • Oh yeah, we are going to the campground on sunday because the whole family will be there.


    On my rainbow cake I made it a pretend b-day cake for my cat, Moe :)

  • Ok, so I have pregnancy brain....


    I also wanted to tell you that I put a pic in my blog!

  • LOL!  Wow, he really got lucky.  Nice cake pics in the blog!  The cake you did for Jeff's b-day looks great.  I'm definately going to practice the roses before class.  Did you see how that annoying girl made an entire rose while we were still trying to get our center mounds right?!
  • I was wondering who Moe was.  Idk why I didn't realize it was your kitty.  That's so cute making a kitty b-day cake.  Did anyone at Jeff's work ask who moe was?  That would be kind of funny explaining that the cake was a b-day cake for a cat.  : )
  • Totally off the subject of cakes, but I can't wait to get off work.  I've been here since 8:30 this morning and i'm starving.  Cake sounds really yummy now. 
  • Ugh, that girl is stupid I dont like her. Why is she in the beginner class? I tried not to even look at her.


    Jeff said everyone at work asked who Moe was! His birthday is actually in November, but I needed to make it for someone! Its kind of neat, Moe and the baby have Nov. b-days, Jeff and I have July B-days.

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