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Poll Time

Allright ladies, for awhile there we were gaining momentum with more postings and activity on the KC board, but we all must be on summer vacation now Big Smile.

 Here's a poll to get us posting again!

What is your:

1. current job?

2. DH's job?

3. dream job?

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Re: Poll Time

  • mm&mmmm&mm member
    Tenth Anniversary Combo Breaker

    1. I'm a teacher.

    2. He's a police officer.

    3. I suppose I would be a part time SAHM (I don't have kids yet) and work part time doing ??? something with kids. In a real DREAM world, I always wanted to be Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's nanny!!

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  • Jen748Jen748 member
    Ancient Membership 5000 Comments 100 Love Its Name Dropper

    1. Associate Underwriter

    2. Fire Fighter Paramedic

    3. Author, Lawyer, Literary Critic (sitting on the beach reading books all day AND getting paid!) or something in accounting.

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  • 1. I'm a manager at a local credit union.

    2. He's a student working part time right now.

    3.  I only wish I knew.  Probably something related to real estate, unfortunately I'm not sure if I'll ever realize that dream, especially with today's economy!

  • Good idea! It has been rather slow lately.


    1. I'm a music therapist with hospice patients

    2. He's a software developer.

    3. I'd love to work with kids again...maybe work part-time and do crafty stuff for fun or minimal profit the rest of the time?

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  • 1. I am a kindergarten teacher

    2. DH is a police officer

    3. I would love to be a stay at home mom, but I dont think that is going to happen. Other then that I am still trying to figure out what my dream job is. I know that I don't want to teach forever and I actually was trying to find something different after this last school year, but nothing turned up. Actually I couldnt figure out what I want to do that would make me happy. Someday.

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  • 1 & 2 - We are both in sales. Do you know how fun it is to try and convinvce either of us to do anything?

    3. Dream job...quarter horse trainer.

  • 1. I am a high school teacher.

    2. He is a graduate student working on his PhD in Chemistry.

    3. Dog trainer or photographer. Or both. Food critic perhaps? There are so many.....

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  • 1. Special Ed teacher grades K-1

    2. Agriculture teacher

    3. Singing on broadway, doing something where I could play with animals all day, SAHM...lots of stuff :o) But I love what I do. I just wish it weren't for all of the political junk that we have to deal with...

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  • 1. current job? Director of Events for a non-profit foundation and I also own a wedding/event planning business on the side.

    2. DH's job? RN but he's going back to school in 2009 to become a nurse practitioner

    3. dream job? I have always wanted to be a novelist.  I have written books before but nothing has ever been published.  I guess that would take me trying to get something published, which I haven't.  I need a literary agent!

    Something else I've always dreamed of is to own my own event venue.  Kind of goes along with my wedding planning business.  I even looked up websites to find commercial space for sale yesterday.  I dream about it all the time : )


  • 1. I am a project coordinator for the academic unit of KU Athletics,

    2. DH is a manager at a mutual fund company.

    3. My dream job would be SAHM, but that's not going to happen!  I've also considered returning to school to become a labor and delivery nurse.  Ultimately, I would like to hav ethe title of Power Ball Winner, because that would be hard work to spend all the money I won!  Really, right now, anything but what I am doing would be excellent!!! Wink

  • 1. current job? SAHM, formerly a retirement plan consultant for Lockton

    2. DH's job? Property & Casualty Insurance Sales Consultant

    3. dream job? I'm living it! I love staying at home.

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  • What is your:

    1. current job? School Psychologist, and I'm teaching summer school this summer which explains why I haven't been around much

    2. DH's job? Grad student studying history at KU, and he's a GTA

    3. dream job? SAHM - but I'd be one of those ones that does a lot of volunteering so I wouldn't get bored. I also like the Power Ball winner idea - I could do that!

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