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Lesa!!..and other BF moms

So whent does this get better?!  She is latching well and my milk came in without too much of an issue.  But.....I am sore!  When she latches on, my poor nips sting for about a minute before the pain goes away.  Then yesterday........OMG!  She nursed for about 2 hours with only a couple of 5-10 minute breaks in the afternoon and then in the middle of the night the same thing.  Ordinarily, she we nurse every 2-3 hours. 

How long before the stinging pain goes away?  And is the non-stop nursing just a growth spurt of sorts?

.....signed burning boobies in lansing

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Re: Lesa!!..and other BF moms

  • I totally agree with you!  Karstyn latches on excellent but it is painful for the first minute. I am hoping that the pain goes away soon!  My pediatrician told me that the non stop nursing is a growth spurt and will eventually go back to every 2-3 hrs but when I am not sure. Karstyn mostly does the marathon feed in the middle of the night Sad


    Oh I posted a couple pics of her in my photo gallery in my profile! 


  • AWWW!!  She is too cute! 

    We have posted more pics on our blog....


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  • It will get better!!!! It was HORRIBLE for me at first because the first couple times Noah latched wrong so my nipples were actually bleeding.  It started to feel more 'normal' around 8 weeks. I went to see 3 lactation consultants. They were my lifesavers! If you have any problems at all don't hesitate to call one of them. The ones at both Sparrow and Ingham are great and will work with anyone. Lansing Peds also has a few of them. You could also call LLL and they even have people that will come to your house.

    It will get better!

    I was seriously feeding Noah ALL THE TIME! It would take him 45 mins to nurse and then I'd only have maybe a half hour to rest, go to the bathroom, eat or take a quick nap. It was nuts! So many times people asked me why I just didn't quit when it was so bad, it was just so important to me to BF.

    Make sure that none of their lips are curled under in the slightest. Don't hesitate to sort of pull them out. I still have to do that with Noah almost every time he nuses. I just put my finger on the skin just above/below the lip and pull up/down depending on which lip it is to make it uncurl. That could be a major part of the pain. Another major part of the pain is that your nipples just aren't used to it yet. It will get better!

    Most people say it takes about 6 weeks for it to not hurt and start to get into a routine. It will get better! (Have I said that yet? lol)

    If you want, you can email me at the email address in my siggy if you have more personal questions. I'm also willing to give you my phone number and you could call me at 4am if you were having problems. BFing is VERY important to me and I will help any mom I can succeed with it!!!


  • Thank you!!!  I think I am not as bad off as some moms that are posting on the 0-6 mos board.  I do have a little bit of cracking but no bleeding.  She really does latch on well, and her lips do seem to go exactly where they belong. 

    Last night was better for us.  She cluster-fed for about 3 hours before bed, so I didn't feel so bad letting her, and dh and I, sleep for 6 hours straight.  That felt amazing!  I have a pump and am going to get all of the parts boiled and ready so that if she wants to sleep longer at night, I can at least pump for a little relief.

    On another note....I felt a little uncomfortable at lansing peds last week.  We arrived for our appt 25 minutes early to fill out paper work and so that I could nurse before our appt.  They called us back almost immediately.  The gal told me to go ahead and continue nursing since we were early.  2 minutes later another gal comes in and says "I need to start asking you questions and get her measurements.  We don't want to run behind schedule."

    Ok, I am really early for my appt and now YOU'RE telling me that I am going to put you behind schedule if I feed my baby?!  I imagine this is an isolated situation, but........I like the doctor we see, but am thinking of just taking Emma to my doctor.  I don't want to feel put out by the staff members.

    Ok!  My ranting is over!  Thanks again for the BF help!  I also feel it is important.  I plan to take things as they come.  I would like to be able to pump after I go back to work and keep it up for a year.  But I am setting a mini-goal of making it to 6 mos and see how we are doing.  That way I won't feel disappointed if I can't make it a whole year.


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  • Emma is too cute! We have the same car seat!

    So sorry to hear about your experience at Lansing Peds! We also go there. Which doc do you see? Do you remember the names of the nurses? My mom is a nurse there so I can make suggestions to her so that way your next visit is better!


  • Do you use lanolin at all? I used it quite a bit, you should especially use it if there is any cracking. I also had to put lanolin inside the flange of the breastpump because the rubbing caused blisters! I have never been a very good pumper and I *hated* it. Noah hasn't taken a bottle since he was about 3 months old and he doesn't even know how to.

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