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Migraines & Allergies

Ok so I was diagnosed with migraines in 2007. With the ocassional exception, I have them under control.

This is my first spring in Atlanta, I can already tell that this is going to be a tough allergy season. I have always had allergies, but they seem to be worse here (I cant wait to go home!!!!!)

When my allergies started, my migraines became more frequent than usual (atleast one a day). So my question is: Can allergies be a trigger for migraines, and what to do about it????

Re: Migraines & Allergies

  • I've had allergies for YEARS and lived in ATL for 8 yrs.  I will say that the pollen is bad for most of the south (I grew up in FL and now live in AL).  I would rec'd claritin or zyrtec, something like that as that with excedrin migraine would always do the trick for me on days where the weather was bad.  Keep up your vitamin intake too.

    HTH and good luck!!!!

  • I'm in the ATL as well and suffer from migraines. Allergies might be a trigger for migraines. I would:

    1. See an allergist to get your allergies under control.

    2. See a neurologist or you general practitioner to talk about your migraines. 

  • Ditto Sadlebred to begin with.

    Yes, allergies can trigger migraines, at least in my experience. If I don't catch an allergy/sinus headache with meds early enough, I end up with a full blown migraine. Like I said, ditto Sadlebred on seeing an allergist if you can't control your allergies with OTC meds--I'm lucky, I can.

    If you are not already (you may be since you said the migraines have been under control), look into preventatives. While I still get migraines on the preventative, they are much more infrequent--down to less than one a month from basically one (or more) a week.

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  • I can also recommend a few doctors if you need them.....
  • Thanks for the advice

    Maybebride: I am on preventative meds, Nortriptyline, but I think I will start taking 30 mg instead of 20mg (I'm prescribed to tak up to 40mg)

    Sadlebred: It would be great if you could recommend one, even though I go back home next month


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