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s/o Your PARENTS: have/will u tell them ur misdeeds or lie through ur teeth?

pp got me thinking have/will u tell ur parents about the 'naughty' things you did in your past?

i was raised w/strict parents and i didn't even feel comfortable having a drink in front of them/mentioning drinks until i was like 24ish. i haven't lived w/them since i was 19.

i am only 27 now, so i realize i have a lot of time to change my mind, but as of now i just can't picture telling my parents anything 'naughty' i did.  i just wouldn't want to disappoint them or make them feel like they 'messed up'/were bad parents.

how bout u?

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Re: s/o Your PARENTS: have/will u tell them ur misdeeds or lie through ur teeth?

  • My parents know enough (and have seen enough, really) of my antics.  I get drunk in front of them, and have since I was in college.  I'm pretty much an open book when drunk.  They didn't really care about the legal drinking age being 21 once I was done with HS.  As far as some of my less than stellar judgement calls, um...I don't share everything.  Basically, I'm a successful adult regardless of what I've done before, so who cares? 

    I'm sure I could make my mom blush and my dad squirm if I wanted to, but we'll keep those things between friends.

  • There's really not a lot that I would feel uncomfortable telling my parents about, but there are a few things.

    I wouldn't lie to them if they point-blank asked me about something, but I'm certainly not going to just randomly offer up that information.  Smile  If they really want to know about things I may have done in the past (or, for that matter, things I do now), they would ask.  If they don't ask, they probably don't want to know.

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  • I don't share everything with my parents.  A few years ago, we had a family dinner where, somehow, we got on the topic of HS antics.  My sister and I fessed up to stealing some items from a store.  My mom said "Lexi, I'm most shocked about you doing that!"  Um, ok, thanks.  My mom has said she knew when I would come home drunk, on the weekend, in HS (junior year, mostly), but my dad was clueless.  If they asked me something point-blank now, like pp said, I would tell them.  But I know they wouldn't... it's old news.

    The one thing that I'm SUPER closed about with my parents is sex.  I'm sure they've made their assumptions by now (esp since I've been in several LTRs, lived with guys, and I'm married), but I never talk about anything sex-related at all.  They may still think I'm a virgin (yeah, right)! haha  I am uncomfortable around my parents with sex jokes, sex scenes in movies, etc.  My ex-b/f once made a sex joke between him and my dad (at my expense) and I was mortified and got very upset with him. 

    Oh, and I'm in my late 30's and it hasn't changed.  :-)

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  • Meh, Im pretty sure my parents know all my wrong doings... I started drinking with them when I was about 17 and Im pretty sure I have made a few "stoned" jokes in front of them Stick out tongue


    although they do still think i lost my virginity to dh...

  • i *very* recently (about 3 weeks ago) told my mom about a lot of the "bad" things i've done (i.e. skipped school, drank through highschool).... my mom and i have a very close relationship, and it really was just teasing her about how naive she was. i had good grades and never did anything stupid (other than underage drinking), so in my mind, it (still) didn't really matter if she knew or not..
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  • Over the past few years - since I graduated from college, really - things have come out. ?I'm pretty sure there is only one car accident story that they still do not know the truth about. ?But everything else (from sneaking out to see boys to drinking in the park and running from the cops) they now know about.

    They can't wait until our daughter is in high school and can repay some of what I put them through. Stick out tongue ?And I was even that bad! ?My younger brother was way worse. ?But I think I'd already broken them in.?

  • Haha. I don't think I'd ever fess up to my dad at least with all the naughty things I've done. Why ruin a good thing? Only girl out of 5 kids, so I feel no need to spoil it for him. My mom on the other hand, I think she gets more weirded out than I do about sex stuff, but then again, its not like were discussing details, and everything is always kept matter of fact.

    DH is very close with his mom, and told her later the same day that he lost his virginity, and he thought nothing of it. MIL was like "Oh, thats nice..." because she was caught really off guard because he is such a goody goody. As far as illegal naughty things, he's told his mom most of the good stories from HS. One time he was like "Mom... do you know what so and so is?" and she was like "Yes, why do you know what that is?" So its been kind of fun for him to tell his parents allt he crazy things he did while still iving at home without them even knowing about it.


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  • My parents know some of the things I've done, but I would never tell them everything. They are a lot less strict with my brothers than they were with me. My brother comes home drunk and stoned and they don't care. If that we me I would have been locked in my room for 5 years.
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