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Traveling at 10 weeks

Just got my BFP this past weekend and was thinking about upcoming activities.  Hubby and I are flying to Denver on May 1st. 

 Traveling via plane is fine while pregnant?? What about those xray/metal detector things everyone has to go through???  

Re: Traveling at 10 weeks

  • I have never heard that you cannot travel while pregnant unless you are high risk or towards the end of pregnancy.
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  • When I was preggers with DD I got dental x-rays  because no one knew I was pregnant yet and I was young and stupid. But it did not harm her in anyway. Walking through a metal detector is not going to harm your baby. Traveling via plane is fine while pregnant until your third trimester. And then only because they do not have trained doctors on board to deliver you if you go into labor. Happy Travels!
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  • From what I've read, you'll be fine. Stay hydrated and get up to walk around to keep your circulation going well.  Enjoy your trip!
  • I have to go to a conference for work next week, although I'm only 4 weeks, I checked into this. Its fine to fly, you should get up and walk every hour though. Also, the security detectors are fine to walk through, no harm to baby.
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