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I got an iPod Touch

how freakin' much do I love it!  It's awesome! 

Re: I got an iPod Touch

  • Ooh!!!! I looove mine!  What size did you get?  What applications do you have on it so far?  They are so much fun and the best organizer that I've had because I actually use it!!
  • Oh cool! I got the 16GB.  I have a few recipe apps.  What do you have on yours? 
  • it's supa' pretty is all it's shiny goodness!  I put this kinda fugly green silicone protector on it.  The clear one was like 35 bucks!  The green one was on sale. 
  • Jason has one, and I steal it all the time. I so want one!!!
  • Nikki...make him get you one;)
  • I am trying to talk my way into an I PHONE instead.... lol. its not going well
  • LOL!  I hear you, DH was only talked into the iPod Touch.  The iPhone was a no-go for me, too. 

  • Well damn. Guess we won't be calling each other on our iPhones, will we??? :)

    I have been meaning to email you.... how are you?

  • we are ok...thank you!  We were supposed to be in San Diego, but we have the stomach flu. 

    How are you guys? 

  • Oh I forgot you were supposed to go! Did you just postpone for a few days, or cancel? EIther way that sucks :( Hope you all feel better soon!

    We are good. Nothing too exciting, just planning our trip to Hawaii at the end of the month! I am so excited :)
  • We just postponed until the 7th=) 

    YAY for your trip!  Where you all staying? 

  • Oh good I'm glad you still get to go! I'm sure it will be a great trip :)

    We're spending 5 days on the Big Island and 5 days in Oahu. I'm a little nervous about going with Jayden but Jason assures me he'll be fine...

  • thank you=)

    oh fun!  10 days is an awesome timeframe to go.  You will all have so much fun!  Are you staying in a hotel? 

  • Yes we are, right on the beach :)
  • oh perfect!  I loved Hawaii.  I hope to take the kiddos there one day when they are toddlers.  I think that it's a great place for a family to go. 


  • Which islands have you been to?

    I will definitely let you know how it goes as a family trip!

  • We went to Maui just after we got married.  It was great! 

    I am so glad you all get to go together before the season starts.  Are you planning any trips to FL?  Or are you parents coming up our way?

  • I heard Maui is great. We chose the others just for the touristy stuff, we really wanted to see Pearl Harbor and things like that. I think Maui would be more for when my parents take the baby and we escape alone :)

     No more FL trips for a while! My parents are coming up for J's birthday in July though. I can't wait!

    And are you guys still planning on heading this way at some point? I hope so!

  • I would totally rather do the touristy stuff next time.  How awesome they are coming up! 

    I so want to.  We'll have to work something out.  We were planning on it, but some other stuff came up.  But I really want to.  I will for sure let you know=)

  • Ok keep me posted!! I will email you soon :) Have a good night!
  • most def!  Sounds great, I'll chat with you soon=)  Thank you...have a good night, too!


  • They came out soon after I got my iPod (it was my first mother's day gift!), so I can't yet lobby for a Touch. A friend of mine has one, though, and just loves it. She especially likes that she can use it for email wherever there's WiFi, rather than have to pay for data if she'd had an iPhone.
  • I'm so jealous! I have my uncle's old ipod. It does the job but me wants the big shiny....
  • I'm jealous! ?I have an old nano. ?The first ones that came out I think, and I'm waiting for it to die.?

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