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Interesting re car recommendations....

I find this post/responses very interesting....coming from Windsor, where all the car plants are/were, it is interesting to see (and not surprising) that there was only one recommendation for a domestic car. There is a huge concern here that our largest employer, Chrysler, is going to close up shop completely. GM is out in a few months, and Ford has been closing up shops for a while....very sad to see, and everyone is scared.  I know people who have 10+ years in at Chrysler, and they just cut their 3rd shift, so all of these people are going to be laid off.  My brother works for a tool shop (not directly with the Big 3), and he has been laid off since January 5 - and is currently being told he MIGHT get back to work 2 days a week in April. With all this talk in the news about the bailouts by the CDN and US governments of the auto industry, I haven't heard a lot of talk about revamping the product lines to make cars people want to buy.  Sounds like that is what they need to do.

Re: Interesting re car recommendations....

  • I think there are a whole lot of problems with the whole industry.  But I do agree with you and that it would be a start to revamping the auto industry.


  • It is sad. DH and I have always bought Ford vehicles. He just bought a brand new Ford truck. However, I am thinking about buying in the next year or so and I am seriously considering buying a Honda or Toyota. They seem so much more "in touch" with what consumers are looking for. I'm no longer interested in supporting a "domestic" product on principle. It boils down to what people want and who's offering it.
  • DH has said this for years, when all the foreign manufactuers were coming out with more fuel efficient cars, while Ford was coming out with a re-vamp of the mustang (just an example) - although GM does have the Volt as a concept car, their saving grace.

    Another issue he said is that the north american auto industry does not have flexible production lines, ie. they are running either at 100% or stopped, so when the demand decreases, they cannot run the lines 100% of the time anymore. He works for a European company that has a location in Canada, and their lines are flexible so they can reduce the capacity and still work 3 shifts. I feel really bad for Windsor though, I lived there in 2004 for the summer and DH went to University there, I do like the city, I feel so bad for the city / industry, but a lot of poor choices landed the auto manufacturers where they are now, and I couldn't agree with you more.

  • It is interesting (and sad) but from personal experience I will only drive Japanese cars. DH and I both owned domestic cars as our first cars (mine was a Dodge, his a Chevy) and they were both utter crap. We've owned Volkswagens, Honda's and Mazda's since then and that's what we'll continue to do (actually the Volkswagen also ended up being crap so no more of those for us either LOL).
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  • I buy gm vehicles because 90% of my family is employed by them.  (Plus I work for OnStar)  To be honest though, I don't really like any other vehicles.  Maybe I'm brainwashed?  Either way I wouldn't trade my G6 for anything.  I am so in love with it (and it was a car the dealer showed me, I wasn't even looking at one to begin with)
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  • My car (Mazda 6) may be Japanese but it is made in America (in Ohio). Best of both worlds IMO. Japanese technology but made locally.
  • image Jen&Joe06:
    My car (Mazda 6) may be Japanese but it is made in America (in Ohio). Best of both worlds IMO. Japanese technology but made locally.

    It may not seem to make sense, but many "imports" are more tied to the local/domestic economies than "domestic" cars.

    American car companies do a lot of offshore outsourcing, while Japanese companies produce more localized products to the point of sale.


    For this reason the common notion of "domestic" vs. "import" grates on my nerves.?

  • I really did want to buy domestic, and my dad urged me to do so. Although we were immediately attracted to three import vehicles ? a Honda, a Toyota, and a Nissan ? we diligently checked out the domestic brands early in our research process. We were looking for a small, safe, fuel-efficient vehicle, and the domestic brands simply do not offer any such cars that can match the imports in terms of quality.

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  • So true Dolly. The closest car plant to us is Toyota so even though they are an "import" company buying what is made there would seem more domestic then buying from Ford/GM/Chrysler.
  • Honestly, we didn't look at any domestics when we were car-shopping last year. VW, Volvo, Audi, and Subaru were on the shortlist.

    BTW, there's a huge Ford plant in Cologne.

  • It is a shame that we don't buy domestic. I have only owned domestic cars, but have had sh*t times with all of them. Costly repairs, failures pretty quickly etc.. whereas Adam had one much older civic that had no issues during the 2 domestic cars I had.. it's hard to justify when I've had so many issues.

    That being said, the new promos to buy local are intriguing and if we can find something we like there's a possibility that we will go there. We haven't written it off, just hard to trust again.

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