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help me with my work out schedule

On Friday I did d1w1 of c25k rested on Saturday, Sunday was d2w1 and then yesterday I treid no more trouble zones for the first time.  What should I do today?  Should I take one day off of working out a week or should that day still be doing some light cardio?

Re: help me with my work out schedule

  • You should take at least one rest day per week. Do you plan to work out each day for the rest of this week? I pretty much always schedule my rest days around other commitments (ie, if I have an appointment or other plans after work, that probably becomes my rest day). I usually end up working out 4-6 days in a row.
  • Need to schedule in some rest.

    For weight training you want to give your muscles a day of rest (at least) between workouts. So if you are doing a full body workout you should workout no more than 4 days a week.

  • You definitely need to take a rest day at least once a week.  I sometimes have trouble doing that myself, I feel like if I want to lose weight I need to workout every day.  But after several days in a row I feel tired and I know it's my body telling me I need to rest.  After I take a day off my workout is better too.
  • You said you are doing C25k AND this No More Trouble Zones? You might be better off focusing on one goal at a time. If you want to build up to running a 5k then maybe just put your energy into that.

    If you want to keep lifting then you should do so mostly to maintain muscle mass. I'd suggest something like the "Starting Strength" program. It is 3 days a week with a day of rest in between each day. It is only a few exercises but they are compound and will give you a complete workout.

    Moreover, if you are doing intense cardio while lifting weights (to try and maintain muscle mass) be very aware of what you are eating. Make sure you are getting enough protein (1g per pound of lean mass) and vitamins and other supplements (fatty acids, glutamine, vitamin C, etc).

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